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Massage & Physical Therapy

Massage therapy is the process in which superficial layers of muscle, connective tissue, and joints are worked on and manipulated to enhance the well-being and function of these areas, encourage relaxation, promote healing, and assist in pain management. Massage therapists work with a client’s body by adding pressure and motion with the use of their hands, elbows, forearms, knees, feet, or mechanical aids. 

Students interested in becoming a massage therapist must encompass a number of qualities essential in this field. Because massage therapists use their own bodies as tools in their occupation, they must have the physical stamina, strength, and dexterity this profession entails. They may be giving several treatments in one day therefore, they must be able to endure being active and on their feet for that period of time as well as exert pressure through various movements of their extremities...Read More

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