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Doctorate Degree Programs (Ph.d - Ed.D - Psh.D)

Doctoratoral Degree Progams - To hold a doctorate degree means that you have earned the highest degree level awarded in education. You can earn a Doctorate degree in just about any subject area, and most states set standards and have requirements that MD's are licensed and hold specific degrees in order to practice said profession. From eye Doctors to Foot Doctor's, to Psychologists, all have had to earn Doctorate degrees in order to practice their profession.

For most, a doctorate degree can be earned within four years; however if you already hold a master's degree, it may be shorter. If you're studying the same subject as your master's degree it may only take 3 additional years of full time study.

The requirements vary, but most four-year doctorates will require approx 90 - 120 semester credits or 30 - 40 college course units...Read More

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