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Choosing Your Career

It is statistically said that the average American changes jobs 11 times before the age of 44. Before the era of transportation and technology, options for the career seeker were limited. Now those seeking a career have many more options and flexibility. Moving around allows us to find what it is we do and do not like in a job environment.

And now, more than ever, if you feel stuck in a dead end job, you can begin your educational journey to allow for growth in your profession. Community colleges and online learning make your career goals attainable.

Health-related jobs are booming and the reasons for rapid growth of this industry include the growth of a patient base due to the aging Baby Boomer population, medical advancements allowing people a longer life in general, a need for IT and health informatics professionals and an overall awareness of the importance of nutrition and diet health.

Those with social work degrees are also in a great position career wise. Those who obtain a human services degree, masters degree and or/doctoral degree are positioned to become a licensed social worker.

For those with a bachelor degree, the average annual salary is $45,000. By investing in school and education you are certain to earn more money.