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Web Development Schools

What is Computer Science? 

Computer science is the field of science that looks into the functioning of computers, manipulating their processes to make them more useful to consumers and users. Web development is the branch of computer science that is used to make websites for series of purposes, namely for advertising purposes and customers interaction. As well, newer technologies are always emerging, so entering computer science often entails knowing about emerging technologies and applying them in their field. 

Web Development Schools - Web Development Schools

What are some Computer Science Based Duties within Web Development?

There are a series of components that go into computer science jobs, namely database administration, as well as programming. Web development also includes:

• Website development for a series of different business
• Graphic design (Photoshop, HTML, CSS, etc.)
• Liaison and collaboration with clients
• Making cost estimates and doing general negotiations
• Experience in IT solutions for sites that are down
• An understanding of emerging technologies
• Programming and hosting sites

There may be other duties within computer science, but overall, the field requires a background in graphic design and programming as a basis for growth in the field. 

What Type of Websites are Most Predominant?

Computer science is a very attractive field and all large companies need websites in order to market their services appropriately. Some types of website development may include:

• Ecommerce website development
• Mobile website development
• Corporate website development
• Government website development
• Educational website development

As well as other business oriented business sites. Depending on the business, there may be a higher or lower demand for computer science, but overall, websites are essential to almost every business to provide background on their services to potential clients. 

What Schooling is Needed to Enter the Field Of Computer Science?

There are a series of schooling options that can be utilized to enter the field of computer science, but they are not mandatory and do not have to include a diploma or a degree, but either would add greatly to one’s portfolio. Website developers are usually previous students of computer science degrees or diploma courses with enough understanding of computer functions to take on the role. Having schooling in courses related to the field of computer science is beneficial including:

• Computer programming diploma or degree courses (in-school or online)
• Computer science diploma or degree courses (in-school or online)
• Computer science or computer programming certificate courses (in-school or online)
• Computer science or computer programming associate degree courses (in-school or online)

There may be other options available, but overall, a background in computer science is essential to building a foundation for website development. Speaking to web design companies is a great way to understand what schooling to take in order to meet specific requirements in the field. 

What is the Job Outlook for Website Developers?

Computer science is static in our society, so there will always be a need for web developer positions within web development firms as well as on a freelance basis. Speaking to a post-secondary school or website development company is a great way to understand the field, learn what credentials are needed and what steps to take within the realm of computer science to enter web development.

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