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Web Development Salary & Career Facts

Web Design

Web Development Salary & Career Facts

If you are a creative and technology-savvy individual, you may want to think about becoming about a web developer. The industry of web development is expected to grow 22% by 2020, which is faster than the national average. Because of this, web development schools are beginning to emerge across the nation, and qualified individuals, with web development degrees, are able to find stable and successful jobs. 

Web Development Salary & Career Facts  - Web Development Schools

Typical Duties of a Web Developer 

Web developers create and design a website for specific clients. On a daily basis, web designers perform the following duties:

● Meet with clients to determine the layout for the potential website
● Create applications for a website
● Use various codes, such as HTML or XML, to build the site
● Upload graphics, videos, and audio into the website
● Maintain and monitor website

Web development schools offer web development courses that specifically teach you how to interpret and use computer codes to create a website.

Web development schools offer the following web development courses:

● Fundamentals of Website Development
● Web Applications
● Web Development Using XML
● Programming Microsoft .NET
● Essential Windows 8, WinRT Modern UI App Development
● Developing Web-Based Database Applications
● Modern Mobile Development
● Mobile Operating Systems Internals

The web development courses, listed above, are merely examples of what you may take at a web development school. Different web development schools offer different web development courses. 

Web Development Degree Options 

Web development degree programs, typically, offer majors in computer science, programming, or web design. Most web developers have a Bachelor’s degree; however, web development schools are now offering associate degrees in web development, which are more suitable for an individual who would like to focus on the design aspect of web development, versus the programming and coding aspects of the field. 

Skills Needed for Web Developers 

Besides attending an accredited web development school, most web developers need to have the following skills:

● Analytical skills
● Concentration
● Creativity
● Detail-orientated
● Teamwork
● Problem-solving skills
● Leadership skills

In order to launch a successful career as a web developer, the first step is enrolling in a web development degree program. After enrolling in and completing a web development degree program, the next step is gaining the amount of experience necessary to become a web developer. Most web developers have at least five years of experience before launching their own business or being hired at a large business. 

Expected National Salary for Web Developers 

After finishing a web development school and gaining experience working in the field, the expected mean salary for web developers is $ 75,660, along with making average of $ 36.37 per hour.

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