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Campus Web Development Degree

Web Design

Campus Web Development Degree

The tremendous growth of the internet has made it necessary for specialized courses and degrees to be introduced in colleges and universities. One of the fields that have increasingly attracted the attention of students due to its career potential is Web Development. Web development pertains to website building and maintenance. A web developer is expected to plan, implement, test, troubleshoot, and maintain new and existing websites. He should have knowledge of more complex programming languages such as Java, ASP, PHP, and others aside from the basic HTML. 

Campus Web Development Degree - Web Development Schools

Many web developers studied the field by themselves. However, having wed development degree from a specialized web development school is always an advantage. Industry experts recommend taking a web development related degree such as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis in web development. Aside from programming skills, aspiring web developers must develop organizational skills and an extraordinary eye for detail.

Due to the nature of the job, students pursuing a web development degree must ably prepare themselves by attaining a high level of IT knowledge plus sufficient background in graphic design and layout. Students taking a web development degree are trained to develop websites that are not only functional but appealing. This is often achieved through provision of accessible web page interface, digital media-optimized web pages, and interactive graphics and data-driven web pages.Students can consider a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development which can either be taken online or on-site at a traditional campus.

Web Development Courses

Program coursework incorporates various aspects of computer science including computer programming, networking, as well as information security and design. Possible required courses include Telecommunications, Graphic Design, Multimedia Studies, Database Management, Online Marketing, Network and Database Security, Digital Imaging, Mark-Up Languages, Relational Databases, PHP Programming, Animation and Interactivity, Content Management Systems, and Online Visibility Practices. Students can choose to pursue further studies through a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Security, Networking, or Web Development.
Students pursuing a web development degree will take a selection of the following web development courses:

• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Fundamentals of Multimedia Production
• HTML5 1:Fundamentals of Web Authoring
• Internet Technologies
• Programming Basics - Introduction
• Project Management for the Web
• Technical and Design Processes in Digital Media Development
• User Interface Design for the Web
• Writing for Multimedia and the Web
• Production
• Search Engine Optimization and Analytics for Web Design
• Visual Design
• Web Programming
• Advanced Web Programming Using PHP
• Applying Cascading Style Sheets
• HTML5 QuickStart
• JavaScript 1 - Introduction
• PHP Programming - Introduction
• Python Programming - Introduction
• Mobile Content Design and Strategy
• Responsive Web Design
• Social Media Strategy and Marketing

The work force for graduates who complete a web development degree is vast with many options. Graduates can work in advertising, at a design studio or pursue their own business….the options are endless in this growing industry.

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