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Massage Therapy Uniforms

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Massage Therapy Uniforms

There are many massage therapists in the world, performing many different types of massage. What do all these massage therapists wear to work? 

Massage Therapy uniforms - Message Therapy Schools

Types of Massage Therapy

To answer this question, let's first look at the top ten types of massage:

1.    Swedish massage therapy

2.    Hot stone massage therapy

3.    Deep tissue massage therapy

4.    Shiatsu massage therapy

5.    Thai massage therapy

6.    Pregnancy massage therapy

7.    Reflexology massage therapy

8.    Sports massage therapy

9.    Back massage therapy

10. Aromatherapy massage

As you can see, these ten more popular massage styles vary in type, origin, amount of pressure, etc. So, what's a massage therapist to wear?

What Massage Therapists Wear Should Match What They Do

There are many types of massage therapist's uniforms. To decide which uniform is best, here are a few questions each massage therapist should ask themselves before selecting and purchasing a massage therapy uniform:

●      What makes me feel most comfortable?

●      What will hide my sweat the best?

●      Which fabrics will keep me cool on a hot day, or warm on a cool day?

●      Which fabrics will stand up best to all these lotions, oils, stains, etc?

●      Which colors will hide stains the best?

●      Which colors best match the aesthetic style of the massage work space?  Muted tones, florals, solids?

●      If I am doing an Asian style massage, should I look at purchasing a uniform that has Asian accents?

●      Am I working as an independent massage therapist that can dress in any style?

●      Am I working at a corporate massage clinic that requires I dress in the same uniform as the other massage therapists?

●      Who is in charge of purchasing the massage therapist uniform -- the corporate massage clinic or the individual massage therapist?

●      If I am in a corporate uniform, will there be varying colors and styles throughout the work week, or is it simply one uniform in one color for everyone?

●      Should I wear accessories with my uniform?

What massage therapy uniforms are available?

If you are an independent massage therapist, your choices for massage therapy uniforms are endless. All you really need to worry about is what feels most comfortable to you and what represents your style the best?

If you are working for a corporate massage clinic or a hotel spa, your employer may require you to wear a pre-chosen uniform. If you are fortunate enough to choose your own uniform, there are various uniforms that can fit both the company's guidelines, and your own comfort level.

Whichever your situation as a massage therapist, here are a few styles of massage therapy uniforms to choose from. As time goes on, you can check to see which uniform styles work best for your clients, your employer, and yourself.

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