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Landscape Design Schools

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Landscape Design Schools

Landscape design professionals use nature and culture to design contemporary landscapes that include bridges, parks and garden. Design fundamentals include contemporary and traditional designs, depending on the environment and architecture. If you are seeking a career in landscape design, you should have an appreciation for the environment, both natural and man-made. 
Landscape Design Schools - Landscape Design Schools
Unknown too many, landscape design schools are very popular around the world. Most art and design schools have a program or specialization dedicated to landscape design. The programs range from those aimed at current landscape design professionals seeking to upgrade their skills, individuals who want to become professional landscape designers, amateurs with aninterest in garden design and even horticultural staff at existing landscape design companies.

A good program at an accredited college or university will provide the following:

• a background in horticulture, nursery and planting standards
• the creative process of landscape design 

Possible Courses

Courses should be geared towards teaching landscape design applications with an emphasis on sound design principles, good site engineering methods and creative use of plant materials. Some of the courses students can expect to take include:

• History and Theory of Gardening and Landscape Design
• Graphics and Landform Modeling
• Landscape Design: Site Analysis and Schematic Design
• Plant Materials: Woody Trees and Shrubs
• Landscape Technology: Site Grading and Drainage
• Landscape Design: Design Development.
• Plant Materials: Woody Trees and Shrubs
• Landscape Technology: Construction and Site Details
• Landscape Design: Planning and Design of Landscapes
• Landscape Design: Residential and Smaller Scale Design

Plant Materials and Technical Courses

Conducted in the field, plant material courses allow students to develop an extensive plant vocabulary. Students acquire an understanding of plant characteristics, their ecological profile, habitat requirements, and maintenance needs, as well as a sense of how best to use plants effectively in the creation of beautiful, meaningful and sustainable landscape designs.

The technical courses introduce students to the plastic qualities of landscapes, train them to read topographical maps, and give in-depth instruction on site grading, drainage, and landscape construction.

Master’s Programs in Landscape Design

By choosing the Master's degree program, students also learn a fundamental understanding of best practices in landscape conservation and sustainability, adapted to the small scale landscape, at the neighborhood level. These highly successful programs have a strong reputation in the regional industry. Area landscape design firms, plant nurseries, and contractors frequently seek out graduates of this program, and graduates often go on to pursue advanced degrees in landscape architecture. 

Studio Courses

Another learning option for students, is choosing an in studio class. Working in studio allows students to gain more hands on design experience. Through the studio experience, students develop their design expertise and broaden their artistic skill with exercises in drawing, graphics and planning, in the service of developing suitable and realistic solutions to given landscape design problems.

Studio instruction at the better schools will have one-on-one sessions with instructors to critique work, and may also have site visits and occasional lectures. Presentation skills, both verbal and visual are developed, and student projects are critiqued by their peers and experienced professionals.

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