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Jobs In Carpentry

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Jobs In Carpentry

Among the trades, jobs in carpentry are almost always the most plentiful. Carpenters are the builders of homes, roads, cabinets, remodels, furniture, and so on. Here are a few interesting things to know about jobs in the carpentry industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 

Jobs In Carpentry - Carpentry Schools

● The median annual salary for carpenters was $ 39,530 in May 2010.
● Carpentry jobs are projected to grow 20% from 2010 to 2020. 
● Job prospects for carpenters should improve as the construction industry improves.
● Carpenters are involved in many types of construction -- from highway and bridge building, to installing kitchen cabinets -- and they may work both inside and outside. 
● Because the work of a carpenter can be strenuous, carpenters experience a higher than average rate of injuries and illnesses.

Carpenters construct and repair building frameworks and structures, including:

○ Stairways
○ Door frames
○ Partitions
○ Rafters
○ Kitchen cabinets
○ Siding
○ Drywall
○ Custom flooring
○ Parquetry
○ Marquetry

Educational Requirements for Carpenters

Clearly, the world relies on the craftsmanship of carpenters. How does a carpenter get the education he or she needs to take advantage of these varied job opportunities? Well, it usually begins with an apprenticeship program. An apprentice program for carpenters is usually offered through carpenters’ unions or employers, and requires hands-on training, carpentry classes, and working under the supervision of a journeyman carpenter.

Online Apprenticeship Programs for Carpenters

Apprenticeship programs for carpenters have traditionally been offered at vocational schools. Fortunately, with advances in communications and technology, it is now possible for those who desire to be carpenters to get much of their coursework completed online.

Though most apprenticeship programs for carpenters are not 100% online, there are a growing number of programs that take a hybrid approach, with some in-class training at a vocational facility, and some online training that the apprentices can complete from the convenience of their home or office. 

It is important to research which online apprenticeship programs for carpenters will be accepted by the Unions or employers, so consult with other apprentices and journeymen in your local carpentry community to see what online or traditional apprentice programs work best for the region.

Carpentry Skills to Master

Once you enroll in a carpentry apprenticeship program, here are a few examples of the classes you may need to take to get the carpentry job that suits you best:

● Carpentry, Wood and Lumber
● Using Hand Tools
● Wall Panels and Fasteners
● Power Tools
● Building Layout
● Plans and Building Codes
● Concrete and Concrete Forms
● Framing the Roof
● Cornice Construction
● Roofing
● Ceiling Finish, Doors and Interior Trim
● Stairways, Insulation and Ventilation
● Frames, Drawers, Doors, and Countertops for Cabinets
● Windows and Exterior Doors

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