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How to Become a Landscape Designer

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How to Become a Landscape Designer

If you are a person that has a green thumb there are now more career options than ever. No longer are you confined to the Do It Yourself projects at home to enjoy as a hobby. Now you can make a great career out of it. With the rise of DIY and home improvement shows on television, there is an increasing demand for people that have the skill and ability to perform custom renovations on homes. One area that is gaining in popularity is landscape design. 

How To Become A Landscape Designer - Landscape Designer

What is a landscape designer?

A landscape designer is a professional that requires many different unique skills. These professionals combine gardening, landscaping, and construction skills to offer a diverse set of services to businesses and homeowners. Landscape designers are sought out by individuals to customize the landscape in their back year or commercial property. 

Education Options

While a career in landscape design was traditionally a profession where education and training was provided through an informal apprenticeship, there are now a number of programs offered by community colleges and universities that will provide students with the skills and education they need to become a landscape designer. 

The most common program for prospective landscape designers to enter for formal education in this area is a certificate or diploma programs in landscape design or landscape architecture. However, there are also a number of other educational options and paths that you can follow. They include a degree or diploma in:

• Environmental Design
• Horticulture
• Botany
• Ecology
• Organic Landscape
• Landscape Maintenance and Development
• Landscape Engineering
• Construction Management

Depending on the school you attend the name of the program and the level of education will vary. Some schools offer a certificate, while other offer diploma programs, undergraduate degrees, and even post graduate studies in this area. 

Another more traditional option is to secure an apprenticeship with a professional landscape designer and hone your craft on the job. 

Career Options for Landscape Designers

Once you complete your education to become a landscape designer, there is no shortage of career options in the field of landscape design. They include these positions in the following places:

• Landscape architect
• Civil Engineer
• Environment groups
• Landscape planner
• General construction
• Landscape management
• Nurseries and greenhouses
• Municipal parks and recreation

Each one of these career options will open the door for you to work on projects that involves residential homes, commercial and industrial projects, and the chance to work in parks, golf courses, and other recreational spaces. 

Many landscape designers also start their own landscaping company. Some do it right out of school and others wait a few years until they get a few years of on the job experience. Therefore, it is also a good idea to take a few business courses. These will help you out when you go out on your own. 

Whatever direction you go as a landscape designer, you need a wide range of skills and you need to be good with your hands. The career involved not only knowing nature, but also being skilled at construction and business. 

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