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How much does a Marine Mechanic make per year?

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 How much does a Marine Mechanic make per year?

Marine mechanics are responsible for the repair of electrical and mechanical equipment on boats, ships, and other water vessels. Common responsibilities include regularly inspecting engines, replacing parts, and addressing problems with steering mechanisms or propellers. Marine mechanic school graduates are qualified to service a number of different types of water vessels, including small boats, large boats, diesel-powered boats, and inboard-outboard engines. Earning your marine mechanic degree will qualify you to work in a variety of environments and industries, including recreation, boatyards and boat-building, shipping, or self-employment. 

In order to become a marine mechanic, you can earn a two-year associate’s marine mechanic degree from a technical or vocational college, community college, or marine mechanic school. It is recommended that you continue to take marine mechanic courses after you earn your marine mechanic degree in order to remain up to date on increasingly complex marine technology.

The average annual salary for marine mechanic school graduates is approximately $35 000. Your income will depend on a number of factors, including your education, experience, what industry you work in, where you are located and its climate, if you are able to specialize in a particular complex area of marine mechanics, and your mobility. 

Factors Affecting Your Income

Education: As the marine mechanics industry becomes more complex and as technology advances, having a marine mechanic degree from a recognized marine mechanic school will ensure that you are up to date on new and evolving technologies, including the computerized systems found on large vessels, oil tankers, yachts, and personal boats. While earning your marine mechanic degree, you will take a variety of marine mechanic courses covering topics such as recreational boating, workshop procedures, engine function and design, and stern drive system repair. You may also be required to complete a work placement or internship in addition to your in-class marine mechanic courses.

Industry: The highest paid industries that marine mechanic school graduates can enter are deep sea, coastal, Great Lakes water transportation, and inland water transportation. The industry showing the most growth is motor vehicle dealership. If you choose to enter one of these industries after graduating from marine mechanic school, you might earn a higher annual income.

Location: Some geographical areas exhibit a higher need for marine mechanic school graduates, and will likely pay a higher annual income than landlocked areas. The climate of the area where you live may also affect your income, especially if you work in the tourist or fishing industry.

Specialty: If you choose to use your marine mechanic degree to work on larger, more complicated water vessels, you may expect to earn a larger annual income

Mobility: Some industries will require you to work offshore rather than inland. If this is the case, you can expect to save more of your annual income because you will not need to pay for living expenses.

Despite the number of factors that may affect your annual salary as a marine mechanic, there is a growing need for marine mechanic school graduates. Marine mechanics is a growing industry, and is exhibiting the most growth in all small engine mechanics.

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