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Electrician FAQ's

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Electrician FAQ's

What does someone with an electrician degree do?

An individual who has earned their electrician degree can be found completing a variety of projects, or work necessary to ensure that a building’s electrical system is performing as it should, and is up to code. An individual who has completed electrician school can be found doing everything from replacing a light fixture to planning the entire wiring system for an industrial building. 

Electrician FAQ's - Electrician Schools

What kind of electrician schooling will I need?

In order to become a licensed electrician school graduate, there is a very specific process that you will need to follow. This process will entail a certain number of electrician course hours completed in-class, as well as hours worked on the job under the supervision of a licensed electrician school graduate, and finally the writing and passing of a state or provincial test.

You will also likely have the option of whether you would prefer to take your electrician courses online, or through an on campus program.
If you are interested in attending electrician school, you should spend some time looking into the specific requirements and electrician schoolsin your area.

What will I need to be accepted into electrician school?

In order to gain acceptance into electrician school you will need to have completed your high school diploma, and you will also need to be least 18 years of age.

You will also need to find an electrician school graduate who can work with you to complete your hours. Many electrician schools will be able to work alongside you to find someone.

What electrician courses will I take?

Once you have been accepted into electrician school, some of the electrician courses that you can expect to take will include:

• Electrical Theory
• Tools and Workplace Techniques
• Network Cabling
• Fluid Power and Controls
• Installation Practices
• Safety and Electrical Code

What are the job prospects for individuals with an electrician degree?

Much like many of the other skilled trades, the job prospects for individuals who have earned their electrician degree are currently quite strong. This is due largely in part to the fact that many individuals who have earned their electrician degree are, or will be retiring in the next few years. This means that there are a great deal of job openings for individuals who have completed electrician school.

How much will I make once I complete my electrician schooling?

Once you have completed your electrician degree, and begin working in the field, you can expect to earn an average salary of $53,000 per year.
There are a number of factors that might affect your salary as an electrician school graduate including: where you live, your years of experience, any specializations you might have, and whether you are part of a union or not.

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