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Campus Aviation Mechanic Degree

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Campus Aviation Mechanic Degree

Aviation mechanics involves the inspection and supervision of aircraft maintenance, as well as preventative maintenance, and the alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems. You must be professionally certified in order to enter a career in aircraft mechanics. Certification involves a written test, and a practical test including an oral examination. You can apply for certification based on your level of practical experience if you have more than 18 months of relevant professional experience, or you can apply for certification based your level of education if you have earned your aviation mechanic degree from an aviation mechanic school. 

Campus Aviation Mechanic Degree - Aviation Mechanic Schools

You can learn the skills and techniques that are required to become an aviation mechanic by attending a recognized and accredited aviation mechanic school. While attending aviation mechanic school and earning your aviation mechanic degree, you will learn all aspects of aircraft maintenance, including general aviation, corporate and charter aviation, and helicopters. Recognized aviation mechanic degree programs will contribute to the minimum requirements for your certification, and will prepare you to enter a career in aircraft maintenance or aircraft manufacturing.

Common aviation mechanic courses include: Aircraft Safety/Shop Practices, Fixed Wing Aerodynamics, Aviation Regulations, Electrical Systems, Engine Maintenance, and Advanced Maintenance Techniques.

You can attend aviation mechanic school online or on campus. Given the highly technical and specialized nature of the subject matter, attending on-campus aviation mechanic school may produce better results in terms of your future employability and your ability to pass the required licensing exams. Earning your aviation mechanic degree on campus will help you apply the theoretical skills you learn in your in-class aviation mechanic courses by combining in-class learning with practical or laboratory-based learning components. Attending aviation mechanic school on campus will provide you with greater opportunities for hands-on learning, and it will give you easier access to individualized support and instruction from professionally experienced instructors. Campus aviation mechanic schools also feature extensive training facilities and learning equipment, often including on-site hangars and both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

After completing your aviation mechanic courses and graduating from aviation mechanic school with your aviation mechanic degree, you can expect to enter a number of careers in aircraft maintenance and aircraft manufacturing. You can expect to work for aircraft manufacturers, airlines, or in other fields of aviation operations after earning your professional certification. As an aviation mechanic school graduate, you will also be qualified for employment in civil aviation, with the national military, or at flight training schools. You will also be qualified to perform repairs and maintenance for other, non-aircraft related industries.

You can earn your aviation mechanic degree in 1-2 years, depending on what aviation mechanic school you choose to attend, if you study online or on campus, and if you choose to study full-time or part-time.

The average annual salary for aviation mechanic school graduates is approximately $50 000, depending on your level of education, your years of experience, and where you choose to live and work.

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