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Beautician Course

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Beautician Course

A beautician course allows you to expand your horizons in the aesthetics fields, working with others on treatments and styling, as well as other techniques for an array of events and pampering practices.

What does a beautician course involve?

Beautician course - Beautician Schools

It generally involves working in the world of beauty and fashion. Some skills sets offered in a beautician course would include: 

• Spa face treatments
• Hand spa treatments
• Makeup artistry, makeup for the body, and bridal makeup
• Hair design (dying, cutting, styling, perming, etc.)
• Hair removal (waxing, tweezing, or bleaching)
• Fake nail application and maintenance (gel, UV, acrylic, etc.
• Consulting to certain clients
• Providing personalized services for customers that use regular service
• Manicures and pedicures

There are many procedures used on an everyday basis that allow people to feel more confident with their appearance, appear more elegant for social functions, and prepare for photo shoots.

A beautician course would allow you to understand the full process of making someone over, including every aspect of the body, as well as understanding the basics of beauty products.

Beautician courses allow you to understand how to work with different skin types, hair types, and with a vast array of makeup brands, allowing you to better understand what products work best for individuals. 

After Graduating From a Beautician Course, What Can I Expect in Terms of Work?

There are a number of different employment routes including:

• Salon work
• Working with large department stores
• Sales for a cosmetics company

Sometimes, if you have completed a beautician course, some cosmetic companies may ask you to sell their specific products in markets with commission attached. 

Upon completing a beautician course, you can choose the route of self-employment, which would include working your own hours and maintaining your own client base. Although it is difficult to gather a client base, it is a rewarding freedom to have since you would be able to do what you love around your schedule, especially if you have a second job. With self employment, you can visit the customer directly or have them come to you, which is a great benefit, allowing for travel and networking capabilities.

What Presentation Should I Maintain?

Maintaining a well-groomed appearance and keeping up high personal hygiene is extremely important since it displays what type of business you hope to run. As well, wearing products you sell is a good way to display the quality and make of each line.

A lot of the customer interaction, as well as styling practice, lets you apply your experience from your beautician course, leaving you with more confidence in your craft and the ability to adapt interpersonally.

What is the Job Outlook After Graduation From a Beautician Course? Generally, the pay for a beauty consultant can start anywhere from minimum wage up to about  $20.00 per hour, depending on the position. 

Department stores sometimes require beautician course certificates, as well as extra beauty and makeup courses, but many do not.

Specialized customer product sales increase one’s salary as well as professional certifications. 

Sometimes, additional skills outside of you beautician course include aromatherapy or laser hair removal, which can lead to higher pay and a more specialized position.

If helping others feel good about themselves, relieving distressed appearances, and adapting to diverse roles interests you, a beautician course may be good for you. 


Researching online is always your best bet, as well as talking to someone in the field to see if being a beautician is right for you!

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