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Automotive Detailing Training

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Automotive Detailing Training

Automotive detailing training is the process of learning how to take older looking cars and refinishing them to make them more valuable and more suitable for a wider customer base. Automotive detailing can either be performed within a shop or as a personal business, making automotive detailing a flexible career option for entrepreneurs. 

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What Does Automotive Detailing Training Entail?

Automotive detailing training gives you a full background on interior and exterior maintenance for automobiles. Working with a number of different materials such as a leather and fabric is essential to understanding how to properly care for a car, motorcycle, truck, or trailer.

Some basic elements of vehicle detailing include, but are not limited to:

• How to prepare the exterior of a car for showrooms
• Interior maintenance and reconditioning
• Car paint repair 
• Truck detailing
• Motorcycle detailing
• Protecting and polishing the car
• Engine detailing (may require more specialized training)
• Steam cleaning and wiping of the interior
• Proper seat removal techniques
• Mobile detailing service
• Regular body work
• Rust proofing
• Undercoating

What Type of Training Will I Need to Become an Automotive Detailer?

Hands on experience are the most important part of automotive detailing training since it prepares you to take on real life projects. Projects within the shop are common practice and are often used to get automotive detailers ready for workplace projects upon their completed training. 

Special schools as well as trade programs are offered for automotive detailing training, resulting in specialized licenses or certificates for detailing. This can help you better acquire a full-time job after the completion of your schooling or lead to a self-employment. 

There are typically final examinations after automotive detailing training to test your understanding of the program, and then a final certificate will be granted upon successful completion.

What is the Job Market Like for Automotive Detailers?

The job market for post-automotive detailing training is very lucrative and often has a 90% plus placement rate for graduates. There is also great potential for growth for becoming an auto body technician or shop floor manager.

Many places hire automotive detailers including:

• Collision repair shops
• Car dealerships, both new and used
• Specialty car shop
• Trucking facilities that work on repairs
• Body shops

As well as many other places that specialize in car care. Automotive detailing training can also prepare you for advancements in an automotive career including motorcycle, aircraft, and heavy-duty painting and repairs. 

Automotive paintin g alone ranges from $ 40,000.00 and up. Detailing repairs to damaged vehicles has an annual income of about $35,000.00 to $ 60,000.00 per annum. As well, if an automotive detailer runs his or her own shop, more income would be possible, making for a substantial career option.

Automotive detailing training is a lucrative field since collisions, car maintenance, and regular wear and tear are common place, leaving the job market static in terms of need. 

To better understand the position, training, and if automotive detailing training is a good pursuit for you, online research or speaking to a technician directly a great place to start! 

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