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Armorer Training

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Armorer Training

Gun safety is vital if you are own or are in the presence of a firearm. If you handle, own, or live in a home or work in a place of business where a firearm is present, you need to be educated about how to properly handle them. Armorer training can be the difference between proper handling and storage of gun and the potential for something bad happening. Therefore, armorer training is very important for anyone that works with and operates firearms on a regular basis. Armorer Training - Armorer Training

Who will benefit from armorer training?

There are many different people that will benefit from armorer training. Training is not just restricted to gun owners. Anyone can take the training course if they want. People that benefit from the training includes:

• Any person that owns a firearm
• Hunters 
• Security guards
• Bodyguards
• Police and military
• Employees of gun stores or retail establishments that deal in firearms

If you own a store that has a gun or work in an industry where guns are present, it’s important to get this training. The importance of proper education and training cannot be overstated. 

Armour courses and training

While they are important, armour courses are not that time consuming or expense. On average they cost about $ 200 and the courses can be completed within one full day of instruction and testing (some courses may require more training time).

The following are some of the topics that will be discussed as part of the course:

• Gun safety rules 
• Understanding how to use gun safeties

• Unloading and clearing firearms
• Reassembly
• Fire control components
• Trouble shooting and diagnostics of gun issues

All courses have a practical component to it where students will have the opportunity to interact with fire arms and learn how to fire them in a safe and controlled environment. 

Once the instruction and hands on part of the training is complete, all students will be required to complete a written examination in order to receive their gun safety certification. This certification is valid, in most cases, for 3 years. However, the length of certification may vary based on the laws and legislation in your area. Ask your instructor for clarification in this area. 

Additional training courses

There are also a number of additional armorer training courses that students can take to improve their skills and knowledge when it comes to operating firearms. Common courses include:

Advanced armour courses: This course focused on advanced maintenance and service topics.
Safety training: This is an ideal course for new gun owners. It teaches students about the fundamentals of gun safety and operation. 
Specialized training options: There are also specialized gun training courses that are meant for specific types of guns. 

When signing up for armour training, make sure that register with an accredited and approved firearm safety training provider to ensure that you meet all legal obligations in your area. 

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