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Special Education Teaching Schools

Special Education

Special Education Teaching Schools

There are many different types of teaching positions to consider if you want to become a teacher. Depending on the type of teacher you want to be, it can have an impact on your education, the program you choose, and the school that you choose to attend. For many, they want to focus their teaching career on special education. 

Special Education Teaching Schools - Special Education Teaching Schools

Considerations when Choosing a Special Education School

Special education schools and programs are very different from getting an education degree for the simple fact that the approach to education that you will be taught is completely different. Since special education school graduates work with students with a wide range of learning disabilities, these needs are taken into account as you work with these students, which impacts how you approach teaching special education courses.

There are a number of things that you need to think about when choosing a special education school, including the following:

• Special education degree length and options
• Special education courses offerings
• The opportunity to do an internship
• If the special education school offers courses that are great toward specific learning disabilities.
• Graduate school options
• Does the school offer online courses or an online degree?

All of these factors can have an impact on your choice to attend a special education school.

Special Education Degree Options

Students can get a special education degree at all levels of education. Depending on your career goals and objectives, one or many of the following special education degree options are ideal for you:

• Bachelor of Science in Education
• Master’s degree on Special Education
• Master’s degree and Certification in Special Education
• PhD in Special Education

Here is some of the special education courses that you will need to take as part of your special education degree. Courses include:

• Foundations of special education
• Critical issues in special education
• Learning theories and principles
• Child development and learning
• Current research and applications
• Individual assessment and learning
• Development in human learning
• Assistive technology in the classroom

Check with your special education school for a more detailed list of course offerings and program details.

Special Education School and Certification

Since you will be working with students that have a wide variety of learning disabilities and special needs, most states/provinces require that you pass a certification exam to work in this field. Talk to the teaching association in your area to get the full details about your certification options. Some special education school programs do include a certification component.

Once you graduate with a special education degree and obtain proper certification, there is ample opportunity in the education field. You can work in many different schools, community centers, and special education centers. Most graduates work in either an elementary or high school setting and work with a variety of students is a classroom that is designed for students with special needs. You could also work with one student or a small group of students that have similar needs. Overall, your role will evolve based on the children that you will be working with.

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