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Sociology FAQ's


Sociology FAQ's

What is sociology?

Sociology school students study human social behaviour and its origins, development and organizations. Sociology school students use statistics, observation and critical analysis to measure information. 

Sociology FAQ's - Sociology Schools

Where can I earn a sociology degree?

Most sociology school degree programs last for approximately four years at the university level, in order to earn your bachelor’s degree. You can also go on to earn both your MA and PhD sociology degree.

Most schools will offer you the option to take your sociology degree courses through an on-campus, or an online program. You will also be able to complete your sociology degree program either full or part time.

Sociology is a relatively common degree option, and the majority of post-secondary institutions will offer the opportunity to earn your sociology degree. However, that being said some sociology schools will offer certain elective or specialty courses that others may not. Therefore, if you have a specialty in mind that you are interested in, you may want to do some research to ensure that the sociology school you are considering can offer you the course options necessary.

What kind of sociology courses will I take?

When you are in sociology school you will have the option to take a variety of elective sociology courses, focusing on various areas on the field, such as statistics, race and ethnicity, aging population or even politics.

You will also be required to take several sociology courses, such as statistics and analysis, and sociology courses on theory.

What will I do with a sociology degree?

Once you have completed your sociology school degree, you will have a number of career options available to you.

Sociology school graduates can be found working in government, research, teaching, consulting, community affairs, and marketing. The skills that you learn as part of your sociology schooling, such as research, critical thinking, and research, are all skills that can be transferred into a wide variety of fields once you have completed your sociology degree.

What are the job prospects for sociology degree graduates?

Job prospects for individuals with a sociology degree have remained relatively stable for the past several years. This means that the number of people leaving the profession was on par with those entering it. However, the job market is expected to open up in the next few years, and there will be more jobs available than there will be individuals to fill them.

How much will I make as a sociology degree graduate?

On average, an sociologist can expect to earn an average salary of anywhere from $64, 000 to $96, 000 per year.

Of course, your salary as a sociology school graduate will be dependent on a variety of factors, some of which will include: your years of experience, your area of specialization, your geographic location and what industry you are working in.

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