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Science Teaching Schools


Science Teaching Schools

If you love science, and want to help the younger generation to love it too, then you may want to think about teaching it! If you are interested in attending teaching school in order to become a science teacher, then you undoubtedly know that many teaching schools can be a challenge to get in to. Below are some tips to help you get your teaching degree application to the top of the pile. 

Science Teaching Schools - Science Teaching Schools

Great undergraduate grades. Since many teaching schools have very competitive application processes, it is obvious that you will need strong grades in order to be accepted. If you plan on teaching courses on science, then you will likely take several science courses during your undergraduate career. Remember though, that teaching school are going to look at your entire average, and not just the average you got in the courses that will be your teachable subject. Most teaching schools will cite a B average as their minimum entry requirement, however if you have an average that is much higher, you will only better your chances of being accepted into the teaching degree program of your choice.

Volunteer. A lot of teaching degree programs will be looking for individuals who have volunteered, or have experience working with children. Relevant experience that you could include in your teaching degree school application includes: tutoring, working with day camps, or summer camps, coaching, or even working in a daycare. While not all of this experience demonstrates an ability to begin teaching courses, it does show that you are comfortable working with children in a leadership position. Many of these roles also demonstrate the ability to manage time effectively, work with large groups of children, and plan ahead. All of those are skills you will need when teaching school.

Strong references. While you are still in your undergraduate years, start thinking about people you can ask to write a letter of reference to help you get into the teaching degree program of your choice. The person who writes this letter can be a fellow volunteer, your employer (or the head of the volunteer group you have volunteered with), or even someone who knows you through teaching courses in your undergraduate program. If your teaching degree program does not ask for letters of reference, it will never hurt to include one in your teaching school application. Likewise, if they only ask for one letter of reference, but you happen to have several, feel free to include as many relevant references as you would like in your teaching school application.The more positive things they know about you, the better your shot at being accepted into teaching school! 

Ace the interview. Do your research before your teaching degree program interview: what are particular areas of focus for this teaching degree program, and how do they relate to what you hope to accomplish as a teacher? Who is interviewing you, and do they have any research areas, or areas of interest that you can speak to? Spending a few minutes doing your research before your interview can mean the difference between being accepted or not.

If you follow these tips, your teaching school application will surely make its way to the top of the pile. Good luck!

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