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Science Teacher Salary & Career Facts


Science Teacher Salary & Career Facts

If you enjoy science, and enjoy working with others, then teaching school courses on science is the perfect way to blend both of those interests into a promising and rewarding career! 

Science Teacher Salary & Career Facts - Science Teacher Schools

How much will I make teaching courses on science? 

Once you have completed your teaching degree, and begin working as a science teacher, you can expect to earn an annual salary of anywhere from $ 47,710 to $ 67,710 per year.

Your salary will be dependent on the school board in which you are teaching school, the kind of school you are teaching in (you will typically make more money teaching school in a private school versus a public school), your years of experience, and your geographic location.

There are also several ways you can put your teaching school skills to use in order to make additional money on top of your regular salary for teaching school. For example, you could tutor students on science on the side, or even begin teaching school over the summer at summer school.

Other career facts about teaching courses on science:

• In order to obtain a job teaching science you will need to get your teaching degree from an accredited university. Most teaching degree programs will require a bachelor’s degree in the subject you plan on teaching school courses on. Once you have completed your teaching degree you will also need to be certified as a teacher. This certification will come through your local college of teachers, and typically can be obtained after passing a written test. This test will test you on knowledge you obtained while earning your teaching degree.
• On top of a teaching school degree, you will need strong communication skills, patience, good public speaking skills, and strong planning skills in order to be successful at teaching school. Many of these skills will be further honed by courses you will take as part of your teaching degree.
• For the most part, when you are teaching courses on science, you will work during regular school hours (which tend to fall somewhere between 8 am and 4 pm). However, you may have to work evenings and weekends outside of the classroom in order to prepare lesson plans and curriculum, or to mark tests or assignments.
• At the elementary and high school level, science teachers will have the opportunity to teach a variety of facets within the broader field of science to their students, including: biology, chemistry, physics, and even astronomy.
• The job outlook for teachers in all subjects is currently quite strong, as a result of many current teachers retiring, or planning to do so in the next few years. A need for smaller class sizes, and a growing population of young people also helps.

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