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Science Teacher FAQ's


Science Teacher FAQ's

What kind of schooling will I need to become a science course teacher?

In order to teach science school courses, you will ned to firs be accepted into an undergraduate science degree program. During your undergraduate science degree program, you will study areas of science that you are interested in teaching, From there, you will need to apply, and be accepted into, teaching school. After teaching school you will also need to get your license in order to start teaching science school courses. 

Science Teacher FAQ's - Science Teacher Schools

What other pre-requisites will I need to begin teaching science school courses?

If you are interested in teaching science school courses, then you will need to first earn a science degree, and a teaching degree. You will also need to be good with people, have strong leadership skills, be comfortable public speaking, and be willing to work outside of classroom hours to plan lessons, or grade work.

You will also need to earn your teaching license once you have completed both your science and teaching degree. This will typically consist of a written test, based on knowledge you will have learned in your teaching degree program. Some locations may even require you to re-take the test after a certain length of time has gone by, so be sure to look into this.

How much will I make when teaching science courses?

Once you have earned both your teaching and science degree, and begin teaching science school courses, you can expect to earn an average salary of $ 49,000.

Your salary as a science school teacher will vary, depending on where you earned both your science degree and your teaching degree, your years of experience, and your geographic location.

What are the job prospects for individuals teaching science courses?

Once you begin looking for jobs teaching science school courses, you should be able to find a job relatively easily. The job prospects for individuals who teach science school courses are expected to rise over the next several years, due to the fact that many teachers are, or will soon be retiring, and there is also increased need for smaller class sizes.

As science is a course that every school offers in every grade, it is also a subject for which teachers are going to be in higher demand. Therefore teaching science school courses, as opposed to more obscure subjects is likely to work in your favour.

What else should I know about becoming a science teacher?

For the most part as a teacher, you will work a relatively regular schedule, during the hours that the school is open. However, you may also need to work on evenings and weekends in order to plan lessons, grade work, and prepare for the school day.

You will typically have summers off, unless you choose to teach summer school courses.

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