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How To Become A Science Teacher


How To Become A Science Teacher 

If you enjoy science, then perhaps you have considered teaching courses on it as a potential career choice.

How To Become A Science Teacher - Science Teacher SchoolsAttending teaching school to become a science teacher can be a very lucrative career choice: a large majority of individuals who are currently teaching school are set to retire in the next several years, and this combined with a growing need for smaller class sizes means an abundance of teaching jobs.

Teaching courses on science can prove especially lucrative, as it is a standard course, meaning that every school offers science courses at every level. It will be much easier to find a job teaching courses on science than it would to find jobs teaching courses in a more obscure subject.

If you are considering teaching courses on science, then you may be curious about how you can become a science teacher. Below are the steps you will need to follow in order to earn your teaching degree, and begin teaching school courses on science.

1. Earn your BA. You will first need to earn a degree in the course that you plan on teaching school courses in. Most teaching schools will require several “teachable” subjects (one main focus, and perhaps a secondary). Within the field of science, you can choose two fields, and earn either a double major, or perhaps even a major and a minor. For example, consider majoring in chemistry, and minoring in biology, so that you could eventually begin teaching school courses on both topics. The more subjects you can teach, the easier it will be for you to find a job once you have completed teaching school.

2. Improve your teaching school application. Most teaching schools have a very competitive applications process, and simply having the right grades will not guarantee you admission. There are, however several things you can do to improve your teaching school application. Consider including reference letters from former employers, or professors. Some programs will ask for a reference letter as part of the application process, but if you can provide several, that will reflect well on you. You may also want to consider volunteering or taking on a part time job in similar roles to show your ability to teach and lead: teach swimming lessons, or volunteer as a camp counselor.

3. Earn your teaching degree. Most teaching degree programs will last anywhere from one to two years in length. You will learn a variety of skills that will be pertinent to your career as a teacher. You will also have the opportunity to work in a school as a student teacher. This is a great way to get firsthand experience teaching, and to learn from an already established teacher. Do what you can to find an internship that allows you to teach the subject and grade you plan on teaching once you have earned your teaching degree.

4. Get licensed. Most states or provinces will have testing you will need to complete, once you have finished your teaching degree, but before you can begin teaching. This testing will typically focus on knowledge you will have earned in your teaching degree program. Some places may also require you to be re-tested every few years in order to encourage you to keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

5. Start working! Now that you have earned your teaching degree, and passed your licensing requirements, you are ready to begin teaching! Good luck!

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