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What is Addictions Counseling?


What is Addictions Counseling?

Addictions counseling is a job that includes, but is not limited to, helping addicts and their families overcome the many obstacles they face. As well, they may also help past users, keeping them on a positive track, free from triggers and regressive actions.

Addicts tend to live lives that are not only destructive to them, but those around them, so addictions counseling is put in place to address the causes of use, and how to overcome the use in a healthy way. Coping mechanisms, as well as time tables and activity lists can be given to assist the user in filling their time in a constructive way. What is Addictions Counseling? - Counseling Schools

Each patient has very diverse needs, so an understanding of the patient as well as their family, professional, and work life are needed to gain full insight. Some patients that need addictions counseling can have simple triggers such as boredom or stress, or complex ones that revolve around past issues. Understanding and working with triggers is essential to the patient’s full recovery.

As an addictions counselor, you would have an opportunity to allow a patient to open up honestly and in a safe environment, promoting a bias-free mentality for both the family members and any other participant.

Working with the user individually may be necessary for some types of addictions counseling, while incorporating the family or a group may be necessary for other types of counseling. Overall, structure and discipline are strong points to help clients recover, as well as the ability to listen and understand what they need to do.

Where Does Addictions Counseling Take Place?

It can take place in either an institution (hospital, mental facility, etc.), or houses that incorporates healthy regimes to overcome use; these are generally called halfway houses. Addictions counseling can also occur at walk-in or family clinic where outpatients are allowed to return while maintaining a work life. Some low-income areas that cannot afford proper medical care offer workshops and information sessions for addicts to help them better understand the consequences of their use. There are also volunteer positions too, as well as crisis center opportunities.

What is the Outlook for Addictions Counseling as a Career?

It has a great outlook and offers a comfortable salary with a chance to grow, and continuously learn. Post-secondary education is extremely valuable, but not always necessary. There are certificate programs and seminars that are also used to enhance one’s credentials, and also raise an addictions counselors knowledge and specifications in the field.

Addictions counseling is a great career for anyone who wants to understand diverse people better, help them overcome obstacles and to help families and close friends see their loved one’s healthy again. You have the chance to change a life and feel great at the end of the day! If you want to help people start fresh, find new goals, and help them find a new meaning to their life, addictions counseling may be a very fitting career for you!

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