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Online Property Management Degree

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Online Property Management Degree

Property Management is the process of managing property that is available for lease by maintaining and handling all the day-to-day activities that are centred on a piece of real estate. Property management may involve seeking out tenants to occupy the space, collecting monthly rental payment, maintaining the property, and upkeep of the grounds. Apartment complexes are handled by some type of property Management Company.

Online Property Management Degree - Property Management SchoolsA property manager is typically in charge of conducting all business-related duties involved with rental properties. They work with real estate agents, landlords and tenants; all aspects of leasing a residential, industrial or commercial property; maintenance of the property and its grounds; keeping all financial records for a property, including tax information; and marketing a property to ensure full capacity. Property managers may work with health care facilities, senior housing projects, government-subsidized public housing complexes, general apartment complexes or individual properties.

In real estate property management, the property manager or management company has four major areas of responsibility:

• Marketing and Financial
• Tenant and Occupancy
• Facility
• Administration & Risk Management

There are many education options available to become a property manager; one of the simplest is obtaining an online property management degree by going to property management school. Online property management degrees at property management schools give students the qualifications to manage the accounting and general maintenance duties of managing a property. A good online property management school will provide a forum for the acquisition and dissemination of information that will help students and their future clients, in managing operations; developing, designing and building; or to those providing equipment, products or services to the industry; ensure that they are equipped to identify the needs of their clients and to eventually become accredited property management professionals.

Possible areas of study in anproperty management school include:

• Property and Building Administration
• Strategic and Financial Planning for Property Managers
• Human Relations for Property Managers
• Building Maintenance for Property Managers
• Tenancy Law in Ontario
• Communicating for Effectiveness
• Supervision: Techniques and Practices
• Quality Teams and Customer Service Excellence
• Business Planning and Strategic Management 

Potential Online Property Management Courses 

Obtaining an online property management degree involves taking a variety of courses based on law, accounting and business management. The online property management school is designed specifically for students who prefer to learn at home or in the work place. Property management courses are ideal for students who are self-directed learners and prefer a more flexible study schedule. Some potential property management courses include the following:

• Residential Property Management
• Landlord/Tenant Law
• Residential Property Financial Management
• Residential Building Systems and Maintenance
• Construction Project Management
• Real Estate Salesperson's Course
• Introduction to Real Estate Finance
• The Real Estate Development Process

Upon completion of the online property management school, students should have attained an understanding of differentiating forms of real estate ownership and management agreements; identifying special needs of cooperative and condominium management; analyzing financial reports; developing and managing operating and capital budgets; implementing marketing strategies and managing tenant relations and identifying building systems and overseeing building maintenance and repairs.

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