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Online Project Management Degree

Project & Operations Management

Online Project Management Degree

No matter what company you work for, project management plays a large role in the success of the organization. With more and more companies are turning to project based systems to complete work and reach organizational goals and objectives, there is an increasing need for professionals with a project management degree from a reputable project management school. 

Online Project Management Degree - Project Management Schools

Choosing a Project Management School to Attend

There is a lot to think about when choosing a project management school. You need to think about:

• The location of the school
• Course offerings and educational experience
• Internship opportunities
• Job opportunities after graduation
• Areas of specialization

Increasingly, online education is also becoming a major consideration for students. In an era where more business projects have online components and are executed online, it makes sense for project management degrees and project management courses to be offered in an online format. This is definitely something to keep in mind, especially for business professionals that are looking to go to project management school to add to their credentials.

Project Management Degree Options

Project management degrees are offered at a number of academic levels. They are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels in colleges and universities. Depending on your career objectives and your area of specialization, you may want to take one of the following project management degrees:

• Certificate in project management
• Masters project management degree
• Business administration (project management) BA
• Construction project management
• Project management (Environment)
• Project management (Information Technology)

Keep in mind that the level of project management degree and the project management school you attend will have an impact on job opportunities once you graduate. A Master’s degree from a project management school will qualify you for senior level jobs at the management level, specialized project management degree quality you for specific types of project management and the certificate project management course prepares you for many mid-level positions.

Project Management Course Offerings

Here are some of the core courses that you will need to take when attending project management school:

• Quality Management
• Accounting
• Organizational Behavior
• Economics
• Small Business Management
• Logistics & Supply Chain Management
• Finance
• Risk Management
• Operations Management
• Human Resource Management
• Project Budgeting
• Communications

Other courses may be offered as part of the program. Check with the schools you are considering for more information.

Project Management Certification

Once you graduate from project management school it is advisable to pursue professional certification. You have two main options:

1. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
2. Project Management Professional (PMP)
These certifications will not only open the door to more opportunities in the industry, it will also increase you earning potential and credibility.

Project Management Opportunities

Here are some of the common positions that are filled by project management professionals:

• Project analyst
• Project lead
• Program manager
• Portfolio manager
• Project coordinator
• Project Scheduler

Currently, the best industries to get into are construction and information technology, as well as the financial industry.

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