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SmallArrow1 What is Allied Health?
  When it comes to health and medicine degrees, most students start out aspiring to get into nursing, become a doctor, want to work with medicine, or get into pharmacology. The truth is that these health and medicine schools can be difficult to get into. However, jobs in this area only make up a minor... Read More

SmallArrow1 Physical Therapy Aide Program
  A physical therapy aide is someone who works alongside a physical therapist, often assisting with tasks related to the physiotherapy field including:  • Helping physical therapists with treatment plans • Assisting patients to position themselves safely for treatment • Using ... Read More

SmallArrow1 Online Hearing Test
  Audiology is the science that looks into hearing loss and hearing disorders seeking to assess and address hearing problems. With hearing loss, medical issues can interrupt an individual’s way of life, interactions with others, and affect their family and friends. As such, an online hearing tes... Read More

SmallArrow1 What are the Job Duties of a Patient Care Technician?
  Patient care technicians have a strong role in the medical field assisting nurses and helping patients in need of assistance who cannot take care of themselves. Some types of patients would include senior citizens, injury victims, as well as people with mental traumas.  There are a lot of du... Read More

SmallArrow1 How Do I Become a Patient Care Technician?
  A patient care technician generally works in the medical field assisting either nurses or doctors in an array of medical duties to help the workflow proceed normally. Typically, a patient care technician looks after basic functions of patients including:  • Grooming • Meals and ... Read More

SmallArrow1 What Are the Duties of a Medical Biller?
  A medical biller (sometimes also referred to as a medical coder) is responsible for the timely submission of technical or professional medical claims to insurance companies including physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, or other health care facility. Some of the more common duties of a medic... Read More

SmallArrow1 What is Audiology?
  When it comes to working in the health care industry, there are literally hundreds of different career paths that you can pursue. For people that are not interested in spending years and years in school to become a doctor, many choose a career in one of the allied health related positions. These pos... Read More

SmallArrow1 Medical Jobs
  Medical jobs are the most sought after careers in the entire world.  With the opportunity to take advantage of the hundreds of jobs offered by the medical industry, the options are relatively endless. One of the largest benefits associated with finding a medical job is that you will be able to ... Read More

SmallArrow1 Allied Health Salary
  Salary is an important determination when making career choices. You want to make enough money so you can live comfortably and enjoy your career. However, things are a little different in the health industry and many people seek out positions because they have an interest in the area and because the... Read More

SmallArrow1 Different Types of Massage Therapy Supplies
  Different Types of Massage Therapy Supplies Holistic methods of practicing medicine are becoming more popular throughout the world.  With the opportunity to utilize massage therapy skills, you will be able to completely revolutionize the way that others experience their livelihood.  Massa... Read More

SmallArrow1 Hearing Specialist
  A hearing specialist is professional who focuses on hearing problems that many people face, as well as solutions to such problems. Typically, they carry carry out a series of tests to determine the extent of the problem, determine a solution, as well as teach the client about the issues they are fac... Read More

SmallArrow1 Careers in Allied Health
  Allied health is becoming one of the most popular areas of employment within the medicinal industry.  Considering that there are a variety of different ailments that can affect an individual, allied health professionals are in constant demand.  With over 100 different allied health jobs av... Read More

SmallArrow1 What are Popular Jobs for a Certified Nursing Assistant?
  Many people have heard about Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, but are uncertain what they do, where they work, or what education is required to become one. Today, we will take a look at the popular jobs pursued by Certified Nursing Assistants.  First, in order to become a CNA, one must... Read More

SmallArrow1 The Daily Life of a Physical Therapist
  There are many types of therapist jobs in the United States, including physical therapy. Physical therapists guide their clients in their personal and physical issues as they go through the healing process after health problems, injuries, surgeries, and the like. A good physical therapist will help ... Read More

SmallArrow1 What is Massage Therapy?
  Over the past decade we have seen extensive growth in the alternative medicine industry as more and more people are now turning to alternative forms of health care to help improve their health and reduce issues from developing going forward. One of the most popular growth areas is in massage therapy... Read More

SmallArrow1 American Academy Audiology Reports Growth in Audiology Field
  American Academy Audiology Reports Growth In Audiology Field Audiology is a growing field, according to the American Academy of Audiology. Why? Because there is a growing trend of severe hearing loss in the United States and the United Kingdom, and the number of audiologists or hearing specialists ... Read More

SmallArrow1 What is Sports Psychology?
  Sports Psychology comprises of many different fields relating to different sciences regarding both psychology as well as fitness to understand and enhance the performance of athletes. Many different aspects of the study include ways to better understand player motivation, participation, a... Read More

SmallArrow1 Massage Techniques
  Almost everyone knows a few massage techniques, including a simple shoulder and neck massage, but not everyone makes a career of massage techniques. Whether you want to become a massage therapist, or if you’d like to improve the massage techniques used in your health profession, you can earn a... Read More

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