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What is Massage Therapy?


Over the past decade we have seen extensive growth in the alternative medicine industry as more and more people are now turning to alternative forms of health care to help improve their health and reduce issues from developing going forward. One of the most popular growth areas is in massage therapy as people are realizing the benefits that it can have on your body not only physically, but also mentally as well.  

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is an alternative form of medical treatment that involves using a number of proven techniques to alter the state of the body’s soft tissue in areas that are tight or are experiencing discomfort. The goal of massage therapy is to help relieve and prevent pain from occurring that is a result of injury, stress, muscular fatigue or chronic physical health conditions. 

Massage therapy is known to for its many benefits such as reducing joint pain, muscle tension, depression and anxiety. It is also known for improving mobility, circulation, and improving overall awareness for the body. 

Massage is suitable for people of all ages and health conditions. It can be used as a way to relax; however, it is also very effective in the treatment of headaches, sports injuries, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, post-surgery rehab, and a wide variety of other medical conditions. 

Massage Therapy Certification

If you are interested in a career in massage therapy, then your best option is to obtain certification. Massage therapy certification programs are offered by many community colleges and technical schools. Depending on which school you attend, the length of the program can be either two or three years. 

Some of the courses that is included as part of the curriculum includes anatomy, kinesiology, massage therapy terminology, clinical practice, physiology, and public health. Many programs also include an internship component in the program. 

Upon completion of the program you will be required to pass the certification exam(s) in your area. The exams may vary based on where you live and where you want to practice. Once you pass the exams you can then register for certification and begin to work as a certified massage therapist. 

Careers in Massage Therapy

One of the major benefits of a career in massage therapy is that it continues to grow as a profession and there are many different opportunities to pursue. You can work in a number of facilities. Some of the most common include: 

• Massage therapy clinics

• Chiropractic offices

• Gyms and fitness clubs

• Health clinics and hospitals

• Rehab centers

• Health and wellness clinics

• Private organizations

Increasingly, however, an increasing number of certified massage therapists are starting their own business and operating out of their home, which gives the all the flexibility they need. This is an ideal option for people with an entrepreneurial mindset that also want to help people. 

A second trend within the massage therapy industry is that many therapists are starting to specialize and focus on helping a specific group of people such as athletes, seniors, and people that suffer from specific diseases and conditions.

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