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The Daily Life of a Physical Therapist


There are many types of therapist jobs in the United States, including physical therapy. Physical therapists guide their clients in their personal and physical issues as they go through the healing process after health problems, injuries, surgeries, and the like. A good physical therapist will help his or her clients feel better, help clients develop healthy habits, achieve their individualized goals over a planned period of time, and offer information & advice.  

Education Choices

Because physical therapy and physical therapists are tied in with the field of healthcare, all states within the United States require a license and proof of continued competency. Fortunately, there are many online educational programs that offer certificates, diplomas, and degrees in physical therapy.

Once a person enrolls in an online physical therapy education program, gets licensed within their state, and secures a job as a physical therapist, here is what they can expect in the daily life of a physical therapist:

The day starts early, generally at 8:00 AM, seeing a client an hour at a time. Each physical therapy session with a client can vary with their ages and rehabilitation needs, which is customized to each individual. In between each physical therapy session, the physical therapist must find time to document the client’s treatment, exercises they completed, pain levels, and ongoing goals. Most physical therapists see an average of 8 to 10 clients per day. After all the clients have been seen, the physical therapist may be required to perform managerial duties, including inpatient and outpatient evaluations, data entry, and medical coding entry.

When people enroll in an online physical therapy degree program, they learn several things and gain the necessary experience that qualifies them for state certification, including:

● Anatomy

● Motion exercises

● Strength exercises

● Balance exercises

● Coordination exercises

● Motor function

● Body mechanics

● Use of various tools and equipment used to perform exercises

Once physical therapists obtain their Master’s degrees, they can earn between $46,000 to $95,000 in annual salary. They may also branch out into other specialties, including occupational therapy and social worker careers.

If you speak with physical therapists, they will often tell you that their days are busy, widely varied, unpredictable, and challenging. However, the rewards of knowing they are helping people feel better and move better are wonderful. In the end, the pursuit of an online degree or certificate in physical therapy is worthwhile, for it allows you to become a bona-fide, certified physical therapist who is a hero to many clients.

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