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Online Hearing Test


Audiology is the science that looks into hearing loss and hearing disorders seeking to assess and address hearing problems. With hearing loss, medical issues can interrupt an individual’s way of life, interactions with others, and affect their family and friends. As such, an online hearing test is a useful tool in addressing auditory problems before they become worse. 

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There are different types of hearing tests, but typically, online hearing tests can be used from the age of 12, since the predominant age of hearing problems starts at the age of 12 to about 24, and escalates thereafter. If there are positive results in terms of hearing issues on an online hearing test, it is recommended that the individual seeks immediate audiology assistance. There are certain treatments for hearing loss, so it is important to not let the problem grow over months or years.

Some parts of an online hearing test include a background on what hearing is and how it is lessens, types of hearing, and types of hearing loss, as well as providing background on the hearing test. 

What do I Need to Perform an Online Hearing Test?

• Internet with the ability to stream sounds

• Headphones

The First Step of an Online Hearing Test:

You may be asked to fill information regarding your age and gender to begin, as well as answering simple background questions regarding your hearing such as ‘when do you have the most trouble hearing people?’. Such questions give background information to see what your triggers may be and what part of your ear may be affected. There are also a number of other questions pertaining to your hearing in everyday situations.

The Second Step of an Online Hearing Test:

The second part pertains to calibrating your computer or headphone to the volume needed to perform the test, ensuring that it is a general volume for all populations. This is known as the audio setup and is an important part in getting an accurate result on your test.

The Final Stage:

The final stage of an online hearing test allows you to listen to different tones, as well as get exposure to different frequencies to see how well you can hear each item. This is called audio screening and is the most important part of the test because it puts your hearing into practice to see precisely how well you hear. 

An example of audio screening would be a test replicating a noisy environment with distracting sounds to see how well you can hear speech within that environment. 

At the end of the online hearing test, you will either get a score or a recommendation on what to do next. Often times, the result is not binding and it is recommended you see a professional for an accurate result.

Overall, an online hearing test is a vital tool in understanding your basic hearing abilities and should be used as a tool rather than a diagnosis. If your results are abnormal is it important to see an audiologist or a hearing specialist to better the situation using a number of methods.

There are cures for some types of hearing loss so it is important to seek help when you notice the first signs of hearing damage.

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