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How Do I Become a Patient Care Technician?


A patient care technician generally works in the medical field assisting either nurses or doctors in an array of medical duties to help the workflow proceed normally. Typically, a patient care technician looks after basic functions of patients including: 

How Do I Become a Patient Care Technician? - Patient Care Technician Schools
• Grooming
• Meals and drinks
• Slight administrative functions
• Reading vital signs
• Assisting with exercise
• Light cleaning
• Reports of vital sign deviations
• Helping with transfers
• Walking with patients and helping them move around
• Making bed and turning patients over to prevent bed sores

There are many more responsibilities that patient care technician’s experience that occur on a regular basis, requiring them to be flexible, incur extra hours, and have a very strong sense of empathy and autonomy.

Some other duties of a patient care technician include escorting patients to and being present during physical consultation sessions, as well as treatment appointments, and bringing them to appropriate rooms. 

The patient’s care and dignity is the first priority for a patient care technician, as well as the interest of the doctor and nurse. Although the patient care technician will assist the nurse most of the time, they are in no way to administer medication or take the place of a nurse. 

What Personal Qualities Should a Patient Care Technician Possess?

As a patient care technician, it is important to:
• Understand and act out empathy
• Maintain patience
• Be caring and supportive
• Respect client autonomy
• Be adaptable and flexible
Patient care technicians take full direction from nurses, so being good with direction or taking charge when no direction is available is important. There is often a high volume of senior citizens in hospitals and facilities, and sometimes they feel embarrassed to need specialized assistance. This can lead them feeling a lack of dignity. Assuring the patient that you have their dignity respects a top priority at all times is extremely important.

What Educational Requirements are Needed to Become a Patient Care Technician? 

A minimum of high school or equivalent is required, as well as one year of working experience in the medical field to ensure that you understand the field overall.  Diploma courses are available in community colleges, which can add to the general understanding of the field including autonomy courses, as well as anatomy, health and safety practices. 
There are certification courses available, but the patient care technician position is usually a transition stage to a full-time position as a nurse. Becoming a nurse may take a few years, but post-secondary education is the best way to meet the requirements to do so.

What is the Job Outlook for a Patient Care Technician?

There is a large demand for patient care technicians in the medical field as well as home care and nursing home areas. The pay is generally $ 22,000 to $ 25,000 a year and can go upwards with higher education and training to become a nurse. 
Overall, the patient care technician field is in high demand and requires minimal training, making it is a great start-up job for anyone who would like to enter the medical field.
Talking to someone in the field or researching the job description in deeper detail is the best way to understand if this job would be good for you!
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