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Campus Organizational Leadership/Management Degree

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An organizational leadership/management degree will give students the opportunity to develop managerial skills, lead more effectively, and broaden their professional horizons. An accredited organizational management school will also develop leaders who are prepared to serve in today’s dynamic organizations. Students in a campus organizational leadership school should ultimately gain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to lead an organization through complex changes in the global society by continually transforming their organizations through developing people and processes, and implementing strategic initiatives in order to maintain a competitive advantage. 

Campus Organizational Leadership Degree

Education Options for Organizational Leadership Management Degrees 

A Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies at an organizational leadership school is the best option to pursue a career in leadership. Programs in leadership management are designed to equip individuals who are preparing to lead in a variety of situations and contexts. Since most leadership is done in the context of an organization, this type of program has a strong organizational component, but also provides a broader perspective on leadership. It will include quite an emphasis on topics such as decision making, conflict resolution, knowledge management, and ethics equipping students in the varied types of leadership that can be applied across multiple disciplines.

A bachelor’s or associates program should provide a strong foundation of knowledge in leadership theories, concepts, and principles, while inspiring students to immediately apply these in their places of influence and work. 

Potential Courses in Organizational Leadership and Management Degree Programs 

An accredited organizational leadership school will include a selection of the following types of courses.

Making Decisions in Organizations
This course at an organizational leadership school teaches students to researchrelevant information, interpret that information in the context of the organization's strategy and problem to be solved, and uses consulting with others to make successful organizational decisions. Students will practice these skills while working with a client organization.

Leading Change & Innovation
This courseat an organizational leadership school enables learners to understand that the need for change is both predictable and unpredictable, and can include down-sizing and massive growth spurts that challenge organizational resources. Uses actual workplace situations to diagnose when innovation within organizations is catalyzing change, and when innovation provides a solution for change.

Strategic Leadership
This courseat an organizational leadership school is designed to equip strategic leaders with the skills and competencies needed to mobilize their followers and organizations for effective current-day action in preparation for future challenges, threats, and opportunities.

The Leader as Communicator
This organizational leadership course examines how the leader’s behaviors and decisions send messages to people throughout the organization. Students analyze the concept of organizational culture how it develops and the effect it has on the leader and people in the organization with attention to how leaders can bring about change in organizations with care and responsibility for the people being led.

Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Issues
This type of courseat an organizational leadership school investigates the cross-cultural understanding required by leaders in diverse environments with multi-cultural workforces in multinational organizations. Specific issues addressed will include cultural context for international and adapting to a different culture leadership.

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