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Dialysis Technician Schools

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A dialysis degree graduate can be found working with patients who suffer from kidney failure. A dialysis school graduate administers the dialysis process, wherein waste and excess fluids are removed from a patient’s blood; a function which their kidneys can no longer carry out. 

Dialysis Technician Schools - Dialysis Technician Schools

Dialysis technicians can be found working in medical organizations, and work under the supervision of physicians and nurses.

What should I know about dialysis school?

Most dialysis school programs are offered in technical colleges. As a result, the entry requirements for the majority of dialysis schools are simply to have your high school diploma or GED.

In terms of additional requirements, outside of academic ones, most dialysis schools will require that you be in good physical health, and have up-to-date vaccines, as you will be working with patients who have compromised immune systems.

Some dialysis schools may offer you the opportunity to take your dialysis courses online, instead of through an on-campus program. This can be a great way to save money, as you can attend any dialysis school in the country without having to move.

Finally, in addition to successfully completing your dialysis courses, you will need strong communications skills, a good bedside manner, the ability to work under stress and pressure, and an interest in medicine.

How long will it take to earn my dialysis degree?

Most dialysis degree programs will last approximately one year in length. However, the length of time you will be in dialysis school can vary, depending on whether your take your dialysis courses on a full or part-time basis.

What else should I know about dialysis school?

Some states or provinces may require you to be licensed in addition to your dialysis degree.

Your licensing will typically consist of a written test, which will be based on knowledge you will have gained through your dialysis school courses.

Where will I work once I have completed my dialysis degree?

Once you have completed dialysis school and begin working in the field, you will be working under the supervision or physicians or nurses. Dialysis school graduates can be found working in clinics, hospitals, out-patient facilities, assisted living and nursing homes, and even working with patients directly in their homes.

The majority of dialysis school graduates work a 40-hour workweek.

What are the job prospects for dialysis school graduates?

Unfortunately, there is an increased number of individuals who are suffering from kidney disease, and this number is expected to increase. What that means for you as a dialysis school student is that there are likely to be more jobs available to you once you have completed dialysis school.

You can expect to earn an average salary of anywhere from $24,210 to $ 56,040 once you have completed your dialysis degree.

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