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Dialysis Technician FAQ’s

Medical & Diagnostic Laboratory Technology

Dialysis Technician FAQ’s 

What is a Dialysis Technician?

Dialysis technicians are commonly referred to as Patient Care Technicians (PCT) and they facilitate patients that are about to undergo surgery or those who have just finished the procedure. Kidney dialysis is usually needed after a kidney has suffered from disease or has failed all together. Some dialysis technician duties include, but are not limited to: 

Dialysis Technician FAQ’s - Dialysis Technician Schools

• Making sure that vital signs are normal before and after surgical procedures
• Operating the specific machinery used to assist with the dialysis
• Following procedures and policies to ensure a hassle free recovery for patients
• Monitoring the rate by which fluid are removed
• Helping to keep equipment sterile to minimize the risk of infection
• Working alongside other professionals
• Understanding and implementing emergency protocol if an infection develops or other issues occur

There may be other dialysis technician duties, but the above are the most prominent and revolve around ensuring the patient is doing well before and after surgery. 

Is Kidney Dialysis the Only Type of Dialysis?

Dialysis technicians are usually in charge of kidney dialysis procedures, but there are other types of dialysis with the medical field related to fluid functions including:

• Electrodialysis
• Haemodialysis
• Microdialysis
• Peritoneal dialysis
• Liver dialysis
• Renal dialysis

Although there are other types of dialysis, a dialysis technician is usually only responsible for kidney dialysis functions. Higher schooling backgrounds may be needed to perform other types of dialysis as a profession. 

What Type of Schooling is Needed to Become a Dialysis Technician?

There are certain requirements needed such as the completion of one’s high school education, but there may be alternatives if you hope to move up in the field of medicine. Although a degree or diploma course is not mandatory, it can be applied to future schooling and could be of use to future nurses or doctors. Some schooling options include:

• In-school or online bachelors degree courses
• In-school or online graduate degree courses
• Specialty dialysis technician schools or courses
• Part-time or fast-track degree courses
• Extracurricular schooling
• Dialysis technician certifications

There may be other schooling options, but typically a degree is not required. Speaking to a representative at a hospital near you would be the best way to understand the specific schooling requirements. 

What is the Average Dialysis Technician Salary?

A dialysis technician salary can vary depending on experience and the location of the hospital, but generally, the annual salary is between $ 30,000.00 and $ 35,000.00. With a higher level of education, it may be possible to move up to higher paying positions in the future. 

What is the Job Outlook for a Dialysis Technician?

The job outlook is very good and there is a high demand due to the growing number of chronic kidney diseases and people with diabetes. The growth is so large it outranks more jobs than any other industry, so entering such a field would be rewarding and lucrative. 

How do I get Started?

Speaking to a representative at a hospital in your area is a great way to understand the job, the duties, and the educational requirements to become a dialysis technician.

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