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Campus Dialysis Technician Degree

Medical & Diagnostic Laboratory Technology

Campus Dialysis Technician Degree

A dialysis school graduate works with patients who are suffering from kidney disease, and performs dialysis procedures on them. Most dialysis degree holders work in hospitals or clinics, and spend their days performing the procedure. This entails prepping patients, administering anesthesia, taking reports on patient progress, and creating written reports.

Campus Dialysis Technician Degree - Dialysis Technician SchoolsIf you are interested in attending dialysis school, you may be curious about what you will need to be accepted into a dialysis degree program, what dialysis courses you will take, and what the job prospects and salary you can expect are once you earn your dialysis degree. 

What will I need to be accepted into dialysis school? 

Most dialysis degree programs are offered through technical schools. As a result, in order to be accepted into dialysis schools you will simply require a high school diploma or GED in terms of academic pre-requisites.

However, due to the lowered immune system of many of the patients you will be working with, you will need to be in good health. Some dialysis degree programs may even require you to provide proof of immunizations.

In addition to your degree, and license dialysis technicians will also need several traits in order to be successful in this career. Successful dialysis technicians are good with people, have strong communications skills, and attention to detail. 

What dialysis courses will I take? 

Some of the dialysis courses you will take will include:

• The human body
• Medical terminology
• Dialysis technology

Once you have completed your dialysis school courses, you will do some clinical training, working in a clinic or hospital alongside someone in the field.

Some places may also require that you get licensed or certified in addition to your dialysis school degree. This will typically require having worked in the field for a set period of time, and passing an exam. It may also be required to get re-certified throughout your career. Look into the requirements in addition to your dialysis school degree in your area. 

What kind of job prospects or salary can I expect when I finish dialysis school? 

Once you have graduated from , you can expect to earn an average salary of anywhere from $ 24,210 to $ 56,040. Your salary will vary, depending on where you are working, your years of experience and your geographic location.

Much like many careers in the healthcare field, there is an increasing need for individuals who are able to work as dialysis technicians as the baby boomer generation ages, and additional health care for them is required. Jobs in this field are expected to grow faster than the national average over the next few years.

Working as a dialysis technician can be a very rewarding career, where you will have the chance to help people every day, and to make ill people feel healthier.

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