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How To Become An AutoCAD Engineer

Mechanical Engineering

How To Become An AutoCAD Engineer

AutoCAD school graduates work with computer aided design (CAD) software in order to create draft technical drawings for use in the production and construction of complex objects or structures. AutoCAD school graduates will see their renderings used in architecture, engineering, aerospace design, and any other field which requires a drawing before something can be built or put together. 

How To Become An AutoCAD Engineer - AutoCAD Schools

If you are interested in attending AutoCAD school, you may be curious about the process by which you can earn your AutoCAD degree, and become an AutoCAD engineer. There are very few AutoCAD school programs, and instead most AutoCAD schooling takes place through taking AutoCAD courses as part of another degree. Below are the steps to becoming an AutoCAD engineer.

1. Decide which type of engineering interests you the most. Because the skills of an AutoCAD degree holder are so versatile, you will need to choose what type of engineering you would like to use the skills you obtain in AutoCAD school in. AutoCAD degree holders can be found working in civil, aerospace or mechanical engineering.
2. Graduate from high school. Once you have decided the field of engineering in which you would like to use your AutoCAD degree, make sure that you have earned the appropriate pre-requisites to be accepted into that program in high school.
3. Enroll in a University engineering program. As previously mentioned, AutoCAD degree holders are needed in all field of engineering. If you are unsure as to which area of engineering best suits you, consider taking undergraduate courses in a variety of engineering fields.
4. Double-major in architecture. There are very few engineering degree programs which will offer AutoCAD courses as part of their program offering. However, most architecture degree programs will offer a variety of AutoCAD courses for you to take, so you can begin you AutoCAD schooling in this way.
5. Double-major in computer science engineering. If architecture isn’t of interest to you, you can also take AutoCAD courses as part of your computer science engineering degree.
6. Practice. Whether part of your AutoCAD schooling or not, spend as much time as you can working with the AutoCAD technology, to get comfortable with it.
7. Volunteer or take an internship to gain experience. Most firms looking to hire someone to work in AutoCAD will be hoping for someone with work experience in the field. By volunteering for an engineering company, or taking advantage of internship opportunities, you will be able to gain experience using the systems in a “real world” setting, and will also gain valuable experience, which can be added to your resume.

A career as an AutoCAD engineer is a growing field, which is expected to continue to grow. If you think this might be the right career for you, then spend some time and find schools you are interested in attending to start your AutoCAD career today!

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