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How Much Does an AutoCAD Engineer Make Per Year?

Mechanical Engineering

How Much Does an AutoCAD Engineer Make Per Year?

What is an AutoCAD Engineer?

An AutoCAD engineer is a professional who uses AutoCAD software (computer design software) to design certain items such as products, as well test and look over certain prototypes for an engineering firm. They may have a series of duties within a team setting including: 

How Much Does an AutoCAD Engineer Make Per Year? - AutoCAD Engineer Schools

• Making technical models that fit certain specifications
• Making project outlines such as frameworks and estimates
• Designing certain plans such as elevations and floor plans
• Assisting with final input regarding model specs
• Developing certain strategies for numerous projects both independently and as a team
• Making 2D and 3D images
• Problem solving and finding solutions to recurrent problems and struggles
• Testing certain software for model development
• Designing electronic models and devices
• Using leadership skills when supervising other engineers and project designers 

There are many other roles that are performed on a regular basis, but the most common duties involve designing, specifying, and supervising projects until the end.

What Schooling is needed to become an AutoCAD Engineer?

There are a series of schooling options that can be used to gain a competitive advantage. Although degree programs are not mandatory, there is a higher demand for post-secondary school graduates with a bachelor’s degree in math or science. As well, a diploma in an AutoCAD course could be useful on top of a degree to show that you understand both basic and advanced functions of the program. Both backgrounds make for good opportunities within the field itself and can be obtained a number of different ways including:

• A full-time bachelor’s degree or diploma course (online or in-school)
• Fast-track degree or diploma courses (depending on school)
• Part-time degree or diploma courses (depending on school)
• Extra-curricular courses

There may be other schooling options within your area, so speaking to a reputable college directly would be your best bet to understanding where each course can lead you. Overall, the higher the schooling, the more lucrative the turnout for potential job opportunities and pay become in AutoCAD engineering.

What is the Salary Expectancy for an AutoCAD Engineer?

The salary for an AutoCAD engineer can vary greatly depending on the firm that hires you, starting from $ 30,000.00 per annum, all the way up to $ 65,000.00 per annum. Overall, there is a big pay gap, but with more experience and a clear focus, your pay can increase over time, especially in a freelance AutoCAD job position.

What is the Job Outlook for an AutoCAD Engineer?

The job market remains the same as prior years and has a slight expectancy to increase, so there is a high potential for work, but it may be more competitive than before. With the age of computers, an AutoCAD engineer can start their own career using their computer to run freelance projects. The only downfall would be a lacking team, but there is still room for side jobs in the future.

If entering the field of AutoCAD engineering seems like something you would like to do, speaking to a post-secondary school about what courses you can take would be your best bet. Also, talking directly to an AutoCAD engineer would be a great way to understand their daily roles and responsibilities!

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