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Computer Aided Drafting Classes

Mechanical Engineering

Designing cars, automated machinery, engineering equipment and other forms of mechanics and robotics usually involves professionals who are trained in the use of computer aided drafting and design and hold a degree and training in computer science and computer programming. 

Computer Aided Drafting

Computer aided drafting can be defined as the use of computer programs and systems to design detailed two- or three-dimensional models of physical objects, such as mechanical parts, buildings, and molecules. Computer-aided drafting uses computer systems to create, modify, analyze and optimize all elements of design. Specialty programming software is usually used and helps to increase the quality of design, improves communications through documentation, and creates a database for manufacturing. 

Computer-aided drafting is used in many fields. It’s used in electronic design, and is known as Electronic Design Automation, or EDA. In mechanical design, it is also known as computer-aided drafting (CAD) or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), which describes the process of creating a technical drawing with the use of computer software. 

Secondary school programs in Computer Aided Drafting programs prepare students to work with engineering, architectural, or requiring knowledge and expertise in the production of engineering drawings through computer aided industrial firms drafting (CAD) techniques, and other traditional manual drawing techniques. Course material includes theoretical and practical applications of architectural, mechanical and civil engineering drafting. Courses included in some college and university programs are:

• Technical Drawing
• Geometry
• Communications
• • Survey Practices
• Site Design
• Probability and Statistics Fundamentals
• Spreadsheets
• Database Management
• Word Processing
• Technical Mathematics

Upon successful completion of the Computer Aided Drafting program, graduates may be eligible for employment (depending on specific hiring practices) with engineering, architectural, or industrial firms under the supervision of engineers and architects. The skills and knowledge acquired through the application of Computer Aided Drafting software allow graduates to perform to current industry standards. Employment opportunities will be appropriate in organizations whose main responsibility is the production of engineering drawings through computerized and/or traditional means. Self-employment opportunities may also exist for the right individual.

The proper education and training prepare students with the skill-set they need for success in seeking entry-level positions in the rapidly expanding and transforming field of computer assisted drafting. Most schools offer courses that may be taken separately or applied a degree or diploma program. Taking classes individually allows students to work at their own pace and to simply learn the subjects that they are interested in and passionate about. Many community colleges and local community centers offer computer aided drafting classes, and are also sometimes used to gain admission to accredited programs to acquire a degree or diploma.

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