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Campus AutoCAD Engineer Degree

Mechanical Engineering

Campus AutoCAD Engineer Degree 

AutoCAD is commonly known as computer aided design;however it is the brand name of one of the earliest CAD programs for personal computers. AS such, degrees that specialize in AutoCAD are usually in industrial technology, technology management, design drafting technology or computer aided product design. However, computer aided drafting and design is a basis for all of these degrees.

Campus AutoCAD Engineer Degree - AutoCAD Engineer SchoolMost recipients of AutoCAD bachelor's degrees for which computer-aided drafting and design is the foundation find themselves being instrumental in or even owning a drafting or design business. For this reason, AutoCAD schools usually also have required business courses, most often in management and safety. While some programs offer a CAD specialization, others may offer specializations in manufacturing or construction. Some programs offer the drafting and design courses as an associate degree and add the management courses to complete the bachelor's degree. 

AutoCAD Courses 

There are quite a variety of AutoCAD courses, some of them include:

Global Professional Standards - Provides a study of human relations and professional development in today’s rapidly changing world that prepares students for living and working in a complex society. Topics include human relations, job acquisition, job retention, job advancement and professional image skills.

Introduction to CAD - Introduces computer-aided drafting (CAD) and examines the hardware that makes up a CAD workstation. It also covers the Microsoft Windows operating system that enables the equipment to function as a unit. The course shows how to use AutoCAD to set up drawings and construct lines, circles, arcs, other shapes, geometric constructions and text. Students use display and editing techniques to obtain information about their drawings and work with drawing files. This course also introduces recommended drafting standards for students to use for properly preparing drawings with AutoCAD.

Advanced AutoCAD - Explores the three-dimensional construction and viewing capabilities of AutoCAD. Topics covered include a review of point coordinate entry system and the user coordinate system (UCS). Spherical and cylindrical coordinate entry, 3-D viewing and display techniques, construction of 3-D solid primitives, 2-D regions, solid-modeling composites and surfaces are also introduced. The use of multiple viewports for 3-D constructions and creating 2-D layouts are covered. Visual styles and rendering are also discussed. Prerequisite: MCD 115 Machine Drafting and Design or instructor approval.

Intermediate Algebra – This course involves simplifying algebraic expressions, solving equations and word problems involving linear and quadratic polynomials, rational expressions, rational exponents and radicals; as well as graphing linear and quadratic functions.

Career Opportunities

The job outlook for a career in AutoCAD design and drafting is fairly good. With the use of AutoCAD increasing more and more the opportunities are vast and cover many different industries and sectors. Many professions use the software, skills and techniques of drafting technology. These include:

• Architect
• City building planner
• Engineer
• Plant manager
• Sound-system designer

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