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AutoCAD Engineer Schools

Mechanical Engineering

AutoCAD and engineering tend to go hand in hand today. AutoCAD courses are commonly part of an engineer’s education and it is a software tool that is widely used within the engineering industry, so much so that academic institutions now offer AutoCAD degrees as part of their drafting technology programs. The following will take a look at your AutoCAD schooling options and outline what is included in an AutoCAD degree to help you prepare for a career in this area. 

AutoCAD Engineer Schools

About AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a computer software application that helps engineers and other professionals design and draft plans for their building and design projects. It allows AutoCAD school students and professionals to create 2D and 3D models of buildings, products, infrastructure, and a variety of other things without having to draw the plans by hand. The software program was first released in 1982 and since then it has seen significant improvements. The developer, Autodesk, also offers other similar software programs that cater to specific development projects.

AutoCAD Courses

AutoCAD courses help to prepare students for a career in drafting and engineering. Some of the most common courses that are offered as part of the AutoCAD degree include:

• Geometry and trigonometry
• Introduction to AutoCAD
• CAD modeling
• Drafting
• Architectural design
• Machine design
• Mapping
• Dimensioning
• Structural drafting

Students will also be required to take additional general courses in engineering, mathematics, business, and communications to help them develop the skills need to be a professional drafter or engineer.

AutoCAD School and Certification

Getting accepted into AutoCAD school requires that students have a high school diploma with a heavy specialization in math and science courses. Since some AutoCAD schools offer combined programs with community colleges, you could enter the program after two years of community college as well.
In addition to getting an AutoCAD degree and going to AutoCAD school, it is important that you also obtain your AutoCAD certification. This certification is recognized throughout the industry and it is a credential that will help you land a job. It validates your skills and knowledge and is a sign to employers that you are professionally trained.

Most students get their certification once they have completed their AutoCAD degree and graduated from AutoCAD school.

There are two main certification options:

1. AutoCAD Certified User
2. AutoCAD Certified Professional

Before attempting the exam, it is important that you have extensive experience using AutoCAD. This is why many people wait until they complete AutoCAD school before attempting to get certified. Getting the AutoCAD Certified Professional designation is essential if you want a career in the industry.

Career Options to Consider

Once you complete AutoCAD and get certified, you will be prepared to work in a number of positions within engineering and drafting. Some of the most common careers for AutoCAD school graduates include:

• Civil drafting
• Electrical drafting
• Product design and development
• Infrastructure development
• Architectural design and drafting

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