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AutoCAD Engineer FAQ's

Mechanical Engineering

AutoCAD Engineer FAQ's

What does an AutoCAD engineer do?

AutoCAD is a computer aided design program that assists engineers with the 3d design process. This specialized design process is used by engineers in a variety of fields, including civil and mechanical engineering, to name a few. Those with an AutoCAD degree can design anything, from prosthetic limbs to vehicles to furniture. 

AutoCAD Engineer FAQ's - AutoCAD Engineer Schools

What AutoCAD courses will I need to take?

People who work in the field of AutoCAD engineering will need an engineering degree at a post-secondary level. To be accepted into those degree programs, you will need to take math and science courses in high school in order to obtain the appropriate pre-requisites for AutoCAD school.

In post-secondary school you will want to take courses in engineering, and may want to consider a double major in either architecture, or computer science.

Take as many AutoCAD courses as you can to ensure you are familiar with the program, and its intricacies.

As part of your AutoCAD schooling, you may also want to take on an internship that will allow you to make use of the knowledge you have earned, especially the knowledge earned through specific AutoCAD courses.

Some companies will want you to have a background in your specific field of engineering before they hire you to be an AutoCAD engineer in that field. As a result, many will pay for you to attend AutoCAD school once you have completed your engineering degree and entered the workforce. In this instance, you can pursue a second degree in AutoCAD school on a bachelor’s level, or you can choose to go further and get an AutoCAD degree at a master’s level.

What else will I need to do once I finish AutoCAD school?

In order to work as an engineer once you have finished AutoCAD school, many states or cities will require you to get professionally licensed. This will typically involve testing, and this license will also need to be renewed throughout your career.

How much will I make once I finish AutoCAD school?

Once you graduate with your AutoCAD degree, you can expect to earn anywhere from $ 30,000.00 per annum, all the way up to $ 65,000.00 per annum.

Where can I expect to work with an AutoCAD degree?

Once you have completed your AutoCAD courses, you can expect to work in a variety of fields. Some industries include architecture, or any company that creates and designs products, or buildings. You can use AutoCAD in the fields of both civil and mechanical engineering. You also have the option to work on a freelance basis.

With the increasing popularity of technology in the workplace, there is an increasing demand for engineers who have completed AutoCAD school. At this time, the job prospects in this career field are quite good, and are expected to stay that way.

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