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If you are really good at working with numbers, enjoy mathematics and also are interested in teaching school to students, then becoming a math teacher is a career worth considering. People that have a passion for math are rare breed and if you can clearly understand and communicate mathematics to others, the going to mathematics teaching school is for you. 

Schools Mathematics Teaching

Mathematics Teaching School Options

If you are interested in teaching courses in mathematics and becoming a teacher, you have a number of education options to consider. For most that want to teach the subject, you have a fairly starting teaching degree path to follow:

• Get an undergraduate mathematics degree.
• Go to graduate school and get your teaching degree while specializing in math in teaching school.
• An alternative to get your mathematics teaching degree is to get a Master’s degree in mathematics and then focus on teaching school. This will open the door to teaching courses in mathematics at the college level.
• If teaching courses at the university level is your goal, then mathematics school at the Doctorate level is your best option.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mathematics Teaching School

Outside of knowing what level of teaching degree you need to allow you to teach at the level of school you have determined what you want to do, there are other things to think about when pursuing your trading degree and mathematics education. They include:

School reputation: It is important to go to the best school possible. The reputation of the college or university you attend could have an impact on your level of education and career options going forward. Read up on the schools you are considering and see how they compare to other schools. Read reviews and see what graduates have to say about their experience.
Academic options: Having a number of academic options is important, especially if you decide to change your career plans while you are in university.
Practical experience: Gaining teaching experience in a live classroom is an important part of your development as a teacher. Therefore, having the opportunity to do an internship or volunteer in the community are things to think about when considering your academic options.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Mathematics Teaching School

Part of weighing your academic options is to ask yourself questions about your options. Consider the following questions:

• What is the most important factor for you when choosing a mathematics teaching school?
• What type of math do you want to teach? Do you have a specialization in mind?
• What level of schooling is your ideal choice for teaching math?
• Are you willing to move away for school? What about doing your degree online?
• Would you consider going to separate schools for undergraduate studies and your graduate level teaching degree?
• How many years of education are you will to commit to at the post-secondary level?
• Is location a major factor in your decision to choose a school?
• How will you be paying for your education? What is your budget?

Thinking about these questions will help you best frame your options and determine the best course of action to help you meet your career goals and objectives.

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