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Mathematics Teacher Salary & Career Facts


Mathematics Teacher Salary & Career Facts

If you enjoy mathematics, and are also interested in working in a field where you can collaborate with others and even help them develop an appreciation for the field, then perhaps a career teaching school courses on mathematics is right for you.

Mathematics Teacher Salary & Career Facts - Mathematics Teacher SchoolsOn top of just taking control of a classroom and classroom teaching, as a mathematics teacher you will need to plan lessons, grade homework, create tests and exams, and assess your student’s abilities in the field of mathematics. 

How can I become a mathematics teacher? 

Typically, the route that most individuals follow in order to become a mathematics teacher is to first earn an undergraduate degree in a field related to mathematics, and then to go on to earn their teaching degree.

Your undergraduate degree will teach you about a variety of mathematics skills, concepts and theories. Your teaching degree will give you the background and skills to be able to begin teaching courses on these ideas. Once you have your teaching degree you will be eligible to begin teaching courses on mathematics at most school levels, including elementary and secondary.

Your teaching school will also offer a student teaching opportunity, at which time you will have the opportunity to put the skills you have developed into practice by actually teaching courses, and then receiving feedback from a teacher already in the field. This may also be a chance to make sure that you are choosing a school level that you enjoy teaching in: think about what grades you might like to teach ahead of this opportunity, and try to find an internship that allows you to do that. 

How much will I make teaching school courses on mathematics? 

The average salary for an individual who has completed their teaching degree, and is now teaching school courses on mathematics is $ 52,000 annually.

There a number of things that will play into this salary, including the institution from which you earned your teaching degree, the area in which you are teaching school, and your years of experience. The higher the level at which you are teaching can also affect your salary: high school math teachers will typically make more than middle school math teachers, for example.

Mathematics is considered to be more of a specialized field than other teachable areas like language arts. As a result, the job prospects for teaching math are stronger than those in other less-specialized subjects. 

What else should I know about teaching mathematics?

Keep in mind that this salary also assumes that you are only teaching school throughout the school year, and are not working over the summer. If you are interested in making extra money, most school boards will offer the chance at teaching school over the summer, which can bring in extra income.

You should also keep in mind that you will typically work hours which will be in excess of the hours in which you are actually teaching school. You will need to devote time in the evenings and weekends to grading, and lesson planning.

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