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How to Become A Mathematics Teacher


How to Become A Mathematics Teacher

Math teachers are a rare breed. There are not too many people that have the skills and ability to become a math teacher. Heck, it is even hard to find someone that claims math is their favorite subject. But, there are people that have aspirations to become a mathematics teacher. If you are one of these people then getting a teaching degree and going to teaching school for mathematics is a fairly clear academic path. 

How to Become A Mathematics Teacher - Mathematics Teacher Schools

8 Steps to Become A Mathematics Teacher 

If you want to become a math teacher, then you will need to complete the follow steps in order to qualify. The steps include:

1. Take a lot of math courses in high school: If you have an interest in math, the odds are that you will take lots of math courses in high school. These courses will help to preparing you for university and teaching school in the future.

2. Get a bachelor’s degree: If math and teaching school is your career goal, then you will need to start your post-secondary education by getting a mathematics degree before you go to teaching school.

3. Go to teaching school: Once you complete your undergraduate degree, your next step is to go to teaching school to get your teaching degree. You will need to complete your teaching degree to become a certified mathematics teacher.

4. Start building your resume: While going to teaching school it is important that you start building up your resume. Teaching jobs are often competitive, so every edge you have over the competition the better. Many students volunteer at local school and community centers to gain experience.

5. Network: If you know that you want to get into teaching, start networking as soon as possible. Try reconnecting with some of your favorite high school and elementary school teachers, your professors, and other teachers that you may know. You never know where an opportunity could come from and the more people that you know, the more likely you will be to find an opportunity or land a job interview.

6. Alternative Step – Do a Masters in Mathematics: If you are interested in teaching courses at the college and university level and possibly becoming a math professor, then you should considering skipping teaching school and a teaching degree and continuing your mathematics studies.

7. Complete your teaching course practicum: Part of your teaching degree requires that you do a teaching course internship at a local school to help you get experience in the classroom. What you teach and your role in the classroom will depend on the teacher you are working with.

8. Start applying for jobs: Even before you graduate you should start looking at potential jobs. While most students want to work in a particular city or area, be prepared to and willing to move for a position. You never know where an opening could be. Make sure that you re connect with the school where you did your practicum as they may have a job for you or could at least help you with your job hunt.

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