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Campus Mathematics Teaching Degree


If you enjoy mathematics, and are interested in teaching courses on the subject, then you may be curious as to the path in order to begin teaching school courses on mathematics. 

Campus Degree in Mathematics Teaching

The path to becoming a mathematics teacher varies, depending on what level you wish to being teaching courses at. The following article will outline two paths: teaching school in order to become a mathematics teacher at the grades 1 through 12 level, and teaching courses on mathematics at a post-secondary level.

Teaching school to teach elementary and high school math

If you are interested in teaching school aged kids mathematics, then you will need to first earn an undergraduate degree. Since you already know what you want your “teachable” subject to be, it is advisable to earn your undergraduate in a course related to that which you wish to one day be teaching school in. In your case, undergraduate degrees in mathematics will make the most sense.

From there, you will need to apply to teaching school in order to earn your teaching degree. Teaching degree programs can be quite competitive, and in order to be accepted you will need a strong undergraduate average. If you can volunteer during your undergraduate years in a related field (camp counselor, tutor, etc.), that will also greatly help your chances of being accepted into a teaching degree program.

Most teaching degree programs will last approximately two years. This will also include the opportunity for you to do a minimum of one, but often several internships where you will have an opportunity to teach in the classroom. Once you enter teaching school, give some thought to which grades you might want to teach: elementary, middle school, or high school. Then, try to ensure you secure at least one internship at that school level, so you have an opportunity to try things out.

Once you have earned your teaching degree, you will need to be accepted into the college of teachers in your area. This will require a minimum of a teaching degree, but may also require you to write and pass a written test.

Once you have been accepted into the college of teachers in your area, you will be eligible to look for work teaching school kids mathematics!

Earning your PhD and teaching courses in post-secondary school

If you are not interested in teaching school aged children, and instead would prefer to work teaching courses in mathematics at the post-secondary level then your path to begin teaching mathematics will be different. You will not need to graduate from teaching school, but will instead need to earn your PhD in your field of study.

The path to earning your PhD consists of earning your bachelor’s, Master’s, and finally PhD, and can be a lengthy process, taking many individuals eight to ten years at least to complete.  You may, however, have opportunities to teach, or assistant teach at the Master’s and PhD level, before you graduate.

Once you earn your PhD, if you are hired at a post-secondary institution to teach mathematics, your time will often be split between teaching and doing research, or overseeing others who are doing research.

Regardless of which route you choose to take, teaching mathematics can be a very rewarding career!

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