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Spa Therapy Salary & Career Facts

Massage & Physical Therapy

Spa Therapy Salary & Career Facts

A spa therapy degree graduate provides clients with holistic therapies, beauty therapy, fitness and nutrition therapy. 

Spa Therapy Salary & Career Facts - Spa Therapy Schools

If you are considering attending a spa therapy degree program in order to work as a spa therapist, then you may be curious about what type of a salary you can expect to earn.

What kind of a salary can I expect once I earn my spa therapy degree?

Once you have completed your spa therapy degree, and begin working in the field, you can expect to earn an average of anywhere from $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 annually.

There are several factors that will affect your salary as a spa therapist, such as: the spa in which you are working, your years of experience, your geographic location, and the services that you have been trained to offer.

Other things you should know about a career as a spa therapist:

• Some spas will offer you the ability to earn your spa therapy school degree “in house”, by taking spa therapy courses specifically designed by them. This can be an alternative to attending spa therapy school, however, keep in mind that should you choose to work at another spa once you have completed this spa therapy schooling, you may have to re-train, as they may not accept the spa therapy schooling you received from another spa as enough

• The majority of spa therapists will work in a spa, or holistic healing centre or clinic. As a result, they will typically work the hours that the spa or clinic is open. This typically means shift work, and also means that you can expect to work on evenings and weekends.

• Some of the treatments a spa therapy school graduate can perform include: aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, colour therapy, light therapy, and massages. The specific spa therapy services you will be qualified to offer with your spa therapy degree will be largely dependent on the spa therapy courses that you choose to take, or the spa therapy courses that are required for the degree program you choose.

• In today’s society there is an increased desire for holistic healing, and natural treatments instead of drugs. As a result there is a greater demand for qualified spa therapy school graduates. As the baby boomer generation ages, it is expected this will continue to grow.

Note that many insurance companies are now offering customers the opportunity to claim more and more services performed by a registered spa therapy degree holder under their insurance. As a result, these treatments are no longer seen as merely a luxury, and more clients are interested in trying out the services that a spa therapy school graduates provide. Due to this, it is expected that the job market for spa therapy school graduates will remain quite strong.

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