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Online Spa Management Degree

Massage & Physical Therapy

Online Spa Management Degree

What Type of Duties does Spa Management Entail?

Spa management positions include knowledge pertaining to all functions of the salon, as well as the execution of business operations while maintaining a professional image and strong customer service model. Some spa management jobs may include: 

Online Spa Management Degree - Spa Management Schools

• An understanding of all spa jobs including hairstylist jobs, facial procedures, as well as other aesthetic elements in case of staff shortage
• Supervising workers and making sure work is done well
• Scheduling spa employees
• Ensuring all laws are followed and employees are licensed for each specialty
• General bookkeeping services (opening and closing procedures, deposits, etc.)
• Maintaining good customer service and strong leadership

Overall, the job of someone entering spa management is very similar to regular workplace management positions, with a stronger emphasis on style and technical creative duties. 

What Schooling is Needed to Become a Spa Manager?

An online spa management degree can obtained online with a series of different courses that relate to business, namely commerce or business administration. Since the field of spa management requires a management background, it is important for the spa manager to get experience outside of school, either as a stylist or as a creative technician and move up from there.

The best route to obtain a position as a spa manager would be to take an online course in business or commerce at a degree level (undergraduate degree or master’s degree) to understand how businesses run effectively. Online schooling is great way to maximize time through heavy course loads and part-time work. A reputable post-secondary school will have a series of different online options for those looking to the enter the field of business, namely:

• Part-time online schooling
• Full-time online schooling
• Fast-track online schooling

There are a number of different and more convenient online options for future spa managers to obtain either a bachelors or master’s degree. 

How Much Experience is Needed Outside of Schooling?

Experience that is needed to become a spa manager should include in-studio work, often starting at the reception level, and building experience from there. Understanding everything about how the business is run, what customers need, and certain problem solving tactics are essential to having a solid foundation. Overall, a spa manager position can be obtained through the proper schooling, but without experience, it may be difficult since managing a salon is a very diverse practice that requires complex skills. 

What is the Average Spa Management Salary?

A spa manager’s salary is dependent on the company that he or she works for as well as their experience. Typically, a spa management salary can be anywhere from $ 20,000.00 per annum to $ 50,000.00 per annum. It depends on the spa management location and experience overall. If entering spa management seems like something that you would be interested in for a career opportunity, contacting a post-secondary institution about an online degree related to business would be a great way to start. As well, to enter the field of spa work without management, beauty school is a great place to take extra courses in the field you wish to specialize in!

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