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How To Become A Spa Manager

Massage & Physical Therapy

How To Become A Spa Manager

Careers in the health and beauty industry continue to expand as more and more people are realizing the importance of taking proper care of their body and mind. One industry that has grown significant over the past decade is the spa and resort industry. For this reason, many people are now targeting a career as a spa manager. But, since it is a less traditional career than most, people are often not sure about the spa management degree and spa management school options that are available to them. 

How To Become A Spa Manager - Spa Management Schools

Spa Management Degree Options

The type of spa management degree that you pursue is dependent on the type of spa manager that you want to become. There are a number of spa management positions that exist such as customer service manager, front end management, and spa treatment manager. There may also be other management positions that are based on the function and services offered at the spa.

The truth is that spa management degrees are very new. While some colleges offer them, most spa management degree options are offered through vocational schools and industry associations. While many spa managers are not required to have any formal education requirements, there are a number of spa management degrees that are beneficial. Your options include:

• Hospitality management
• Business administration
• Hotel and restaurant management
• Business management
• Health and wellness
• Massage Therapy

These programs offer you the skills and provide you the knowledge you need to be a successful spa manager even if you don’t go to spa management school.

Why Go to Spa Management School

Even though formal spa management school education is not required to become a spa manager, it is important that you have an education to fall back on. While a spa management school program makes the most sense, doing a more general business degree will teach you the skills that you need to be an effective business manager. Plus, you will also be qualified to work as a manager for a number of organizations.
Before becoming a spa manager you may also want to consider acquiring a trade within the spa industry such as becoming a licensed massage therapist. This gives you a fall back plan if you have difficulty finding work in the industry.

Spa Management Courses to Consider

When going to spa management school, the following spa management courses are most commonly included in the program. They include:

• Sales and marketing
• Business administration
• Human resource management
• Accounting and budgeting
• Customer service for spas and resorts
• Internship spa management course

The Benefits of Spa Management School

The following are some of the benefits of going to spa management school:

• You will gain the experience you need to specifically manage spas
• You skills will be industry specific
• Your education may be applicable in other hospitality industries
• You open the door to owning your own spa down the road
• You increase your earning potential
• You have a solid education foundation to rely on when looking for positions.

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