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How Much Does a Spa Manager Make per Year?

Massage & Physical Therapy

How Much Does a Spa Manager Make per Year?

When someone asks you to think of a relaxing place, what comes to mind first? Most people would say a spa. Spas are relaxing places for people to go and enjoy being pampered. Some of the services they provide are massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and more. In addition to being excellent places to go for a little TLC, spas can also be great places to work. Each spa has a spa manager who is responsible for ensuring that spas continue to be places where both customers and employees can feel comfortable. 

How Much Does a Spa Manager Make per Year? - Spa Management Schools

Job Responsibilities of Spa Managers 

Some of the main responsibilities of spa managers are:

● Hiring, developing, training, and letting go of employees
● Scheduling employees
● Ordering business supplies
● Ensuring that all customers are completely satisfied
● Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the spa
● Spa managers may also be required to be certified in CPR 

Education Requirements for Spa Managers 

There are many online degree programs and traditional colleges available to people who would like to work in spa management. These degree options include:

● Certification
● Associate’s
● Bachelor’s
● Master’s

Some companies require that their spa managers have at least an Associate’s degree. Popular degree programs for spa managers are:

● Business
● Hospitality
● Spa Management 

Work Experience Requirements for Spa Managers 

In addition to getting a degree in spa management, spa experience is also valuable. Many spa managers worked their way up in their companies to achieve their spa manager positions. Experience in customer service positions is also beneficial. 

Career Outlook for Spa Managers 

Many industries and positions saw a severe decline in employment during the recent recession. However, the national spa and salon industry performed much better than other industries during this time frame and saw a much less severe increase in unemployment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics characterizes spa managers as a part of a group called personal appearance jobs. This group is projected to increase 15% between 2010 and 2020, which is above the growth of employment for all industries as a whole during this same period. 

Spa Managers’ Annual Income 

The annual income for spa managers can vary depending on several factors. These factors can include the company they work for, their location, the sales the business makes, and their individual skill level. The recorded salary range for spa managers is between $ 22,000 and $ 59,400.

For more specific information about what you can expect to make per year as a spa manager, research salaries of spa managers in your area or speak to a career counselor at your online or on-campus school.

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