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Prison Guard: Job and Training Requirement FAQs

Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation

Prison Guard: Job and Training Requirement FAQs

Much like a police officer, working within a correctional facility is a dangerous and straining job.  If you are one of the individuals who has the skill and gumption to become a prison guard, determining what will be required of you on the job and during training is of the utmost importance.  Although you may believe that prison guards solely control the masses within the facility, they are also known to counsel inmates and assist them in emergency situations. 

Prison Guard: Job and Training Requirement FAQs - Prison Guard Schools

What do Prison Guards Do?

As previously mentioned, prison guards have a variety of different duties that they perform on a daily basis.  The most prevalent duty is to maintain peace and order within the correctional facility.  They can do this by ensuring that the laws and regulations are followed and enforced when necessary. Some other jobs include:

• Ensuring human rights violations do not occur
• Supervise criminals and convicted inmates
• Examine prisoners for illegal items
• Examine living quarters for illegal items
• Assist with the transfer of inmates from one prison to another
• Ensure windows, clocks, and other exits are secured
• Examine the yard to ensure that inmates aren’t disturbing the property
• Controlling inmates in the event of violent outbreaks

What Education is Required of a Prison Guard?

One of the first requirements for a prison guard is to have a high school diploma or equivalent.  As per the Federal Bureau of Prisons, all prison guards will require a bachelor’s degree or they must have three years experience as a prison guard.  When determining what courses to take in a post secondary institution, the options are relatively endless.  Some important courses could be:

• Psychology
• Law Enforcement
• Corrections
• Criminal Justice
• Health and Science

What Personal Qualifications are Required?

Much like the educational requirements of a prison guard, there are personal qualifications required, such as:

• Must be above 18 years of age
• Must be a resident of the country that you reside in
• Must be under 37 years of age (Federal Positions)
• You will have to pass a physical fitness test
• You will have to pass hearing tests, drug tests, a written test and background checks
• Good judgement, quick thinking, problem solving skills, and quick reflexes are necessary

As a prison guard you will have an ample amount of responsibilities in regards to the inmates in your correctional facility.  You will work with a team of other prison guards, therefore teamwork and team building skills are essential.  Considering that there is always the need for prison guards, you will be able to find a job with minimal effort and generally within a short distance from home.  Not only will there be positions within the immediate area, but you will also gather a reasonable salary for you and your family.

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