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Law Enforcement Schools

Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation

About Law Enforcement Schools

Making the decision to go to law enforcement school is a great option for students that have an interest in the law and want a career where they can make a difference in the community. What many fail to realize is that there are many more careers that can come from going to law enforcement school and getting a law enforcement degree than just becoming a police officer. In addition to work for the police, you can also have great careers working for the government, military, and many different type of private companies and organizations. 

Schools of Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Degree Options

There are many different law enforcement degree options to think about if you want to get involved with a career in this area. Some of the most popular include:

• Police Foundations: This is the most common form of law enforcement degree and is the first step toward becoming a police officer
• Criminal Justice: This is a bachelor’s degree that you can take at law enforcement school that can lead to careers in law, law enforcement and many other related careers.
• Forensic Science: This is an ideal law enforcement degree for students that want to get into crime scene investigation and this is offered at the bachelors and Master’s degree level.
• Computer forensics: This is an increasingly popular and important option for students to consider when they go to law enforcement school. The rise of cyber-crime has opened the door to new career and many new law enforcement courses and law enforcement degree options and specializations.
Other law enforcement school and degree options include crime scene investigation, corrections, emergency management, paralegal studies, pre law, and private security.

Students should also keep in mind that within law enforcement organizations there are also many opportunities to work in more traditional positions such as accounting, finance, and business administration, so considering something other than a law enforcement school is also an option worth considering.
Common Law Enforcement Courses

While the courses that you will take will differ based on the law enforcement school and degree that you choose, there are some law enforcement courses that are common across most programs. These law enforcement courses include the following:

• Private investigation
• Communications and dispute resolution
• Corporate communications
• Surveillance
• Officer safety practices
• Supervisory skills
• Law and the criminal code
• Criminal Justice
• Report Writing
• Personal Fitness training
• Public Safety

Depending on the school you attend, you should also expect to other more general courses to round out your skills and knowledge as part of your degree.

Careers Opportunities

Students that choose to go to school for a law enforcement degree commonly are hire for jobs such as police officer, detective, security guard, private security, correctional offers, and investigators.

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